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  1. JimL

    Final Clean out Dominiaks- Bautista- Dunkel Butt

    This forums layout has changed a bit since I was active here so I made a mistake when I originally posted this. I thought I would re-post here, hope I haven't broken a rule or offended anybody. Do to life changes I haven't been on the forum much for awhile and haven't played pool regularly for...
  2. JimL

    <<<<FS: Super Aramith Pro's>>>>

    Just made another move & came across these.Haven't had a home table in over 5 years so I figured I'd give someone a chance at a good deal. Set is used condition, they were used in my game room not a commercial setting. Balls were cleaned and polished before they went back in the box. no chips...
  3. JimL

    I wish the Wanted For Sale section had a category for cues under $300.

    EBay IS the the low end cue forum for AZ On a more serious note Prulhiere cues is a AZ member and sells some fairly inexpensive players on eBay and post them in the wanted for sale forum
  4. JimL

    Cue weight preference poll

    Balancing being the key, I like 19oz
  5. JimL

    In regards to Bonus Ball

    If BB were sucessful it would help all promoters I have to disagree with you here. If BB were actually successful It would strengthen the brand of all billiards including the games that the old guard ,such as myself, want to see thrive. I think when you combine the statements made by ppl...
  6. JimL

    Am I the only one who cant get the BB stream Again??

    Well...after all the bs to watch some BB I can honestly say whhaatt the hell is that? No point spending anymore of my time on this. Peace out
  7. JimL

    The Official Bonus Ball Friday Night Thread

  8. JimL

    Am I the only one who cant get the BB stream Again??

    I coulda sworn I read today that Nathan said they had it all worked out. Bandwidth for 10,000 viewers. Maybe 100,00 ppl heard and figured they would log on
  9. JimL

    Am I the only one who cant get the BB stream Again??

    Ok, it's not just me. Wow these guys are REALLY screwin the pooch. Don't think I would pay to watch a BB stream for quite awhile for fear the gremlins would return.
  10. JimL

    Am I the only one who cant get the BB stream Again??

    Been trying to get the Fri nite stream working since 8:45 edst. Same error message as last nite. Wtf :angry:
  11. JimL

    WTB OB Radial Shaft

    Like the title says, I'm looking to buy an OB shaft for a radial pin. Not limited to a specific model, plain black collar preferred. Jim
  12. JimL

    Pro Pool players courting disaster

    I'm jumping into this thread a little late here (and I've learned to just stay out of these drama threads,so I'm breaking my own rule) but.... I really don't get the deal with bonus ball. I watched some of the videos posted on there website and the game does nothing for me. If the intention (and...
  13. JimL

    WTB Dominiak Sweet 16

    sent you a pm
  14. JimL

    what is the best 250 to 400 dollar range cue?

  15. JimL

    WTB Dominiak Sweet 16

    One last bump for a sweet 16 before I order a new one from William.
  16. JimL

    WTB Dominiak Sweet 16

    Bumpin up, still looking
  17. JimL

    WTB Dominiak Sweet 16

    Before I order one from Mr. Dominiak I figured I'd see if anyone here has one sitting in a case that they may want to sell. Black leather wrap and Dominator shaft preferred.
  18. JimL

    WTB 3/8-11 OB Shaft Plain Black Collar

    Like the title say's, I'm looking fro a 3/8-11 OB shaft with a plain black collar, 29 inches. Let me know what you have. Jim
  19. JimL

    FS: Old Mystery Cues

    More Pics more pictures
  20. JimL

    FS: Old Mystery Cues

    I'm moving again shortly and can't see a reason to move these along with the 17 other cues I have. I was given these by a pool league friend a few years back and have no idea what the story is with them. Since I sold my house a few years ago I no longer have a table, scale or calipers so I can't...