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    Unknown "monster" players

    Funny the post above is from tennessee... I remember Tony Campbell years ago was spotting a guy in Soddy Daisy the 6 out. The guy he was spotting could play. Tony moved well and got the bet up and then took it off. Playing 7 ahead he gets even and then runs 6 on a crappy valley bar table. Breaks...
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    Looking for a Gilbert

    gilbert I have a nice one for sale for 1k. Ivory joint, leather wrap, nice cue pm me
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    Andy Gilbert Cue? HELP!

    wanna sell it You wanna sell it?? I had a gilbert get stolen from me. I would love to have it yours is similar to my old one. Thanks in advance.
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    Schon shaft help

    shaft Older schon shaft 13 is for 13mm worth 100 if its in good shape
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    FS: Shots, Moves & Strategies and Winning One Pocket

    Hey Hey how much for both?
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    Older Schon FS

    hey pm sent lmk
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    FS~ Schon R-6

    cue Is that the best you can do it?