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  1. Testa

    FS: Lomax 3pc jump cue

    Pm Sent message
  2. Testa

    ISO: Mezz Zz09 with original shaft

    I’m only interested in the ZZ09 - I let my Mezz ZZ09 go years ago and want one back Willing to pay up to $450 depending on condition
  3. Testa

    Mezz ZZ09 cue for sale

    You still got this ?
  4. Testa

    Gorgeous Tube Style Justis 3X6 FS

    To be honest the way the market is in the tank & all the new blood in pool. These don’t command the value they used to
  5. Testa

    Anyone try the lighting bolt 12oz j/b

    I've had one for over 7 years, great jump cue however not so much for breaking
  6. Testa

    2014 Maryland State 9-Ball Bar Box Championship

    Great Shooting Walter! Thanks Danny for a great event
  7. Testa

    Better 1-hole spot?

    I play a local guy normally 10-5 and its a pretty fair match, When he said he wanted a bigger spot for more cheese I offered 20-9 he accepted and hasn't won one yet. I personally believe the higher the weaker player has to go, the more edge the higher player has. I would go with 10-5 if I was...
  8. Testa

    No Jelly For My Belly, Down In Louisiana

    Entitlement By no means is this meant to sound as attacking or negative, So if you bet on a horse at the racetrack and win, Should you automatically tip the Jockey? I 100% see your point but you seem to have a sense of entitlement, If you lost would you have given the buyer half his money...
  9. Testa

    Charlotte, NC

    Thanks will do
  10. Testa

    Charlotte, NC

    I will be in Charlotte at the end of June for a couple days, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any pool halls where they have a steady stream of sociable action ($20-$50 a rack one pocket) (Race to 2 for $50 short rack banks) ( Race to 5 for $20-$50 10 ball). I'm just...
  11. Testa

    Hatch v. Dechaine. I would pay to see them play again, wouldn't you?

    I would if... I would watch if it was a partners Hatch & Schmidt vs Dechaine and Harriman :smile:
  12. Testa

    MEZZ WD700 Shaft 5/16 14
  13. Testa

    wtb Mezz cue with wd700 shaft

    This is a great playing cue , Mezz makes an amazing product
  14. Testa

    wtb Mezz cue with wd700 shaft I'll entertain offers on the ZZ 09
  15. Testa

    Cleaning MY Balls???

    I would ask your wife to remove them from her purse first..... She would probably be mad if you got her purse wet
  16. Testa

    Current Most Popular/Best Break and Jump Cues

    I have had alot of jump break cues - As far as jump cues - Right now I use a Super Lightning Bolt J/B 12oz - The full cue jumping is great - When you break it down to a jumper you can get over anything from a chalk and a half away
  17. Testa

    9 Pin question

    Thank you - I will be in Vegas next week and will definitely stop and see him -
  18. Testa

    9 Pin question

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong category but - I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy the Pins for Italian 9 pin or 5 pin - I've found a couple websites but none are in the US. Any help would be appreciated thank you!
  19. Testa


    To bad to hear it went like this - Let me know what the result is- Hopefully I'll see you out there we won this weekend as well
  20. Testa

    What would Efren do...Shirt

    I just bought a shirt from runout and will happily pay $25 for a shirt to support. I cant believe how nitty people are over something that is priced reasonably cheap. Most companies require a minimum order for custom t-shirts and that is a lot of t-shirts to have to shell out money for and sit...