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  1. DWBOD

    A Very Special Christmas Gift ---DWBOD

    It has taken me several days to make a response to your post Troy. I cried when I saw the photos and had to return at a later time to make this reply. The joint caps are so beautiful and have significant meaning. The sub is one of my favorites (he bought a yellow alligator strap just for me so I...
  2. DWBOD

    DWBOD he will be missed 3/27/68-11/17/2011

    I am not very good at navigating through AZ. I have received many pm's but I think the inbox is almost full. I don't know how to delete old pm's and I am not sure if I want to delete what Doug has in his inbox. If you would like to send me a message please do so at or on...
  3. DWBOD

    DWBOD he will be missed 3/27/68-11/17/2011

    DWBOD stood for Douglas William Baltrip Doctor of Optometry. Doug was my best friend and I was greatly blessed to have him as my husband. I have read so many posts of condolences from his AZ family. It breaks my heart and lifts my spirit at the same time to read such wonderful things about...
  4. DWBOD

    DWBOD he will be missed 3/27/68-11/17/2011

    With sad greetings to all of the family and friends Doug and I have come to know here on AZ- Douglas William Baltrip passed away early this morning as a result of a single vehicle accident. I am posting this for the AZ community because Doug was very passionate about cues and cases! He also...
  5. DWBOD

    3 New Cues (completed for West Coast Cue Show)

    The cues look great Tony, you've come a long way. Doug
  6. DWBOD

    ****FS: Absolutely perfect coco nose SW!****

    Cue is SOLD! Doug
  7. DWBOD

    ****FS: Absolutely perfect coco nose SW!****

    What else are you going to do with all that money :thumbup: Doug
  8. DWBOD

    ****FS: Absolutely perfect coco nose SW!****

    Thanks for the bumps, I've had a few offers, but nobody has stepped up yet. Doug
  9. DWBOD

    ~~~~My Favorite Michael Vollmer~~~~

    Great cue Colin, was hoping to see you in Chicago this past weekend. Doug
  10. DWBOD

    ****FS: Absolutely perfect coco nose SW!****

    Thanks guys, and btw, that Prewitt cue is a monster. Best, Doug
  11. DWBOD

    ****FS: Absolutely perfect coco nose SW!****

    Thanks guys, I appreciate all the compliments. It really is a gorgeous cue. Doug
  12. DWBOD

    ****FS: Absolutely perfect coco nose SW!****

    I have for sale an absolutely perfect Southwest cue from 05'. The shafts and butt are dead straight and in excellent condition. One tip has a little blue on it (none on the shaft) and the other shaft appears unplayed. SOLD!. No Trades Please Butt weighs 16 oz Shafts are both 13mm and...
  13. DWBOD

    gina cues

    Great cues from a fantastic guy to deal with. Best, Doug
  14. DWBOD

    Louis Vuitton case pictures....

    Who built the case?
  15. DWBOD

    What do you think?

    Why are you posting in the W/FS section? Doug
  16. DWBOD

    New extremely unique 3 piece wrapless Ginacue: ebony, silver, ivory and silver ebony

    Great cue Jimmy, it turned out fantastic. Best, Doug
  17. DWBOD

    WTT: my high-end men's watch for cue

    Is it the automatic or quartz version? What is the size in mm? Thanks, Doug
  18. DWBOD

    ***FS: Whitten Alligator, Murnak, Engles Python***

    Bump for some action on the Python! I think it's a steal at the price it's at, but listening to offers. Doug
  19. DWBOD

    WTB: black smooth leather Fellini

    I am looking for a black smooth leather Fellini to store a classic cue in. I would actually like it to have a little wear and not be pristine (I have those). I am looking for smooth black only. Thanks, Doug
  20. DWBOD

    FS: Longoni hardcase like new

    Case has been Sold! Thanks AZ Doug