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  1. the chicken

    Statement from LP Custom Cues

    I was stupid. I admit it. I made a mistake. Sent that POS Peppers $980.00 and then he drops off the face of the earth, only to be replaced by another thief and a liar. Now, I will only purchase a production line cue. No hassle and you know what you're getting. Shoot Safe. John
  2. the chicken

    Jeanette Lee's Telescoping Pool Cue

    Anyone have any info on Jeanette Lee's telescoping pool cue? Saw her using one on an ESPN telecast (playing against Ewa Lawrence). Thanks in advance for your help. Shoot safe. John
  3. the chicken

    Pool Dawg Glove

    I've been using a pool glove for several years. My favorite is sold by Pool Dawg. I have average size hands and their glove fits me perfectly. As a user, I've found that washing and/or rinsing the gloves daily dramatically improves their usable life. I've been using one pair of gloves daily for...
  4. the chicken

    Rule Question?

    It's called a split hit. Without a referee calling the shot, the shooter gets credit if his object ball is pocketed. Some split hits are very difficult to judge. Unless slo-mo video is available, I think the shooter should always be given the benefit of the hit. Shoot Safe. John
  5. the chicken

    Stupidest "Identify this cue" thread ever

    Yeah, it's a Helmstetter. I've got one just like it, except for having the linen wrap replaced with genuine brown lizard skin. Purchased it new around 1992 or 1993, at Chris's Billiards, Chicago. Shoot safe! John
  6. the chicken

    Cue Ball Frozen to Object Ball - What are the Options

    Thanks for the video link, Dogs. I'm just sorry that I thought I understood this shot, since 1963. Duh! John
  7. the chicken

    Cue Ball Frozen to Object Ball - What are the Options

    When the cue ball is frozen to an object ball, what are the shooting options needed to avoid a double kiss or a push shot? Thanks in advance. John
  8. the chicken

    durable shooting glove?

    My support goes to gloves from Pool Dawg. They're cheap and last a long time. IMHO, the secret is to rinse the glove after use in plain water, then let dry over night. Shoot safe. John
  9. the chicken

    Cue Inlay designs. Anybody have any new ideas.

    I'd like to see a cue with non-symmetrical inlays. My favorite would be inlays that portray Native American symbols, such as the Owl, the Coyote, etc. These inlays would be of different materials and would be installed in a manner similar to tattoos (that is, whenever the cue owner felt the urge).
  10. the chicken

    Schmelke Soft Tips?

    Be a man and order your cues with medium tips. A real man would order Tiger Everest medium tips. Shoot Safe. John
  11. the chicken

    Your Opinion - Simple 8 Ball Handicap System

    Your opinion is requested. The Problem: The local bowling alley sponsors a weekly Eight Ball Tournament that follows BCA rules. There are virtually no participants because one or two players consistently win every tournament. I have an idea for a simple handicap system to help level the...
  12. the chicken

    Learning from losses

    Getting your ass kicked is the best incentive to improve your game. Shoot safe. John
  13. the chicken

    Who made the first jump shot ? Cue ?

    Harry Palmeri I worked at a pool hall (The Campus Room) in Chicago during the mid 70's. One of the regulars was an old timer named Harry Palmeri. Harry was always dressed to the nines. In the winter, he even wore a bowler-style hat. Even though he was 70-some years old, Harry liked to hustle...
  14. the chicken

    Two Cubes of Chalk - Different Sound and Feel

    I've got two cubes of Master chalk. They are both the same approximate age and have about the same amount of use. When I chalk-up with one of the cubes, there is no sound and it feels like chalk is being applied to the tip of my cue. When I chalk-up with the other cube, it makes this...
  15. the chicken

    Good sneaky butt for 314-2 under $200 ?

    Give Schmelke a call (go to Billiards Warehouse for a good selection of sneaky's and good cue options). Shoot Safe. John
  16. the chicken

    SMS or Winning 1P .. what is more useful?

    I recommend "Upscale One-Pocket" by Jack H. Koehler. It's not that expensive and is readily available at Amazon. Short of playing a good one-pocket player, Mr. Koehler's book covers all situations. His info on banks is especially good. Shoot Safe. John
  17. the chicken

    Speedy recovery for Kicken Chicken

    Best Luck and a speedy recovery! John
  18. the chicken

    What's Better? What's Worse?

    What's Better? What's Worse? Miscues Chalk * Having your ass kicked by an opponent who uses a house cue or loosing to a player that shoots with a really expensive cue? * What would be your choice: Being a jump artist or kick monster? * When you miscue do you: Chalk up or get out the tip...
  19. the chicken

    Grip/Stroke/Stance fundamentals suck

    1 - Stroke arm must be able to swing freely. Don't matter how you stand. 2 - Keep your head high enough so that you can "see the tangent line." If you incorporate these two items in your psr, you'll make progress. Shoot safe, John
  20. the chicken

    Who hates slow players?

    A Slow Player What does a slow player think about as he/she stands beside the table, staring at the ball layout? Does their thought process undergo a gradual metamorphosis from total incomprehension to something resembling a plan? Outwardly, they move slowly, as if mesmerized by the layout...