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    Stolen Cues

    Matt Hall of Greensboro NC 'Lifted my cue case with around 3k worth of cues and accessories at The Clubhouse in Lynchburg VA. Only agreed to bring then back after learning they had the whole incident on camera." I know this guy. The 2nd pic was taken at Gate City Billiards in Greensboro, NC...
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    LTB 3x8x14 joint protector

    If you want a matching or custom set, Jim Baxter makes the best ones that I've ever owned; top notch quality at a very affordable price. If you just want a cheap, simple set, Cuetec is a 3/8x14 pin. The Cuetec logo is put on with adhesive and can simply be pulled off. That will leave you with a...
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    FS: extra long Mezz Extension 25cm

    I'll take it. Send me your paypal info. thanks
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    Edwin Reyes cues on eBay

    I was browsing eBay and ran across a cue with the subtitle "EDWIN REYES CUSTOM CUE". Upon looking at the pics, I saw the cue was signed but is dated 2013. I contacted the seller as to how this could be signed by Edwin Reyes 4 years after his passing. I thought it may be something along the lines...
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    NEW Predator Throne 2 cue for Cancer Charity please help

    Glad to hear the event went well. I hope that your friend has the same good fortune.
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    NEW Predator Throne 2 cue for Cancer Charity please help

    I will take 5 spots if this happens: 5, 15, 25, 35, 45 I was going to buy the cue for $700, just to help out, but the raffle will bring in more funds. Just let me know the deadline and where to send funds. Thanks, Steve
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    Predator 314 shaft 5/16x14

    PM sent. Thanks
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    southwest style for sale

    I have to agree ("if they are the same maker"). I bought a couple of these as cheap players. Turns out that the only thing cheap about them is the price. They are very well built and play better than anything I've found in a comparable price range. As stated, just change the tip and you'll have...
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    New Bob Manzino 6 Point Diamond Star Hoppe.

    I'm not familiar with Manzino's work. As a matter of fact, I had never even heard of him until I saw this post. I've owned a cue by most of the top builders, at one point or another. For my own personal tastes, I believe this is the most beautiful cue that I've ever seen. Simple yet gorgeous. If...
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    Tascarella blue veneer Ivory diamonds bushka rings leather wrap

    Take it easy The OP is new and obviously had problems posting the pics properly. The OP has also apologized each time. Some people, myself included, just aren't as educated with computers as others. Each time, the OPs threads were filled with people bashing. Has anyone offered to help the OP...
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    New Shafts with Schon installed joints

    PM sent. Thanks
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    New unchalked predator 314, 5/16x14 shaft trade

    I offered you $175 when you first listed this. You said you already had a deal. Let me know if you're still interested.
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    2 Predator 314 shafts 5/16 x 14

    I'll take it
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    Judd Fuller JT5

    How many times are you going to list the same cue? It's bad enough that you don't post pics or full specs, but you list the same cue daily. Enough already!
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    Shafts for sale - SW Predator/Tiger Ultra 3/8-10

    PM sent for Tiger shaft. Thanks
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    Big phillippi fs/ft

    ridethebuss: Would you care to address the issue of the pictures being of 2 different cues? Would you also answer the question that ShootPool1967 has put to you?
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    5/16 x 14 piloted j/ps #2

    I'll take them Jim. Thanks
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    Here we go again - Another bad seller thread

    It isn't a matter of whether the seller intentionally misled the buyer or not. The fact of the matter is that the cue isn't as the seller described. If I buy a fake TS that the seller tells me is the real deal and I later sell it to you as such, should I be obligated to give you a refund if you...
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    WTB 5/16x18 shaft

    I have a Predator 314-2, flat faced with black collar. 12.71mm at base of ferrule. .835in at base of collar. Used Moori med tip with plenty of life left. Slight taper roll, but no lift. $155 includes shipping and paypal fees. PM if interested.
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    I need help!!! The cue I refunded cash for is being listed on Ebay!

    Has anyone contacted eBay and/or the seller about halting the auction so no one there gets burnt?