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    Winter Break

    Hi, I live in Maryland, and Winter break is right around the corner.. Does anyone recommend a decent place with snooker table(s) around Maryland with a decent hotel and some tourist attractions near by. I want to go on vacation for about a week and play some snooker on a real table...
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    Closest snooker table to Boston?

    I'm in the same situation here =\ The one place that had a snooker table closed down a few weeks ago.. and I have yet to find a replacement. Its a conspiracy ! Perhaps the people here could organize a snooker day/night somewhere in between were us forum members can go and play snooker. I'm not...
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    Snooker MD

    Hi, Does anyone know of a place in Maryland that has snooker tables? There used to be this one place called 'Bill and Billies' but they shut down. Now I have no place to go and I'm aching for some snooker! Also, would anyone happen to know if there are any coaches or someone looking for a...