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    Sharp points???

    I think most average people have no idea what makes a cue, me for one. The on-site we can get from a cue maker as to which woods or joints give different “feel” is most enlightening. Your statement on not building cues is kind of cryptic... may I ask why it’s “best for everyone” that you won’t...
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    Sharp points???

    So, in the first photo the pints seem to fall off to the left and the second seem to be straight. Is this a flaw or considered part of the “art”?
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    Sharp points???

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    Sharp points???

    So, in the for sale section, there are 2 cues, by the same manufacturer that are the same price. One has rounded points and the other sharp. Should the price be the same??? It seems to me one takes more craftsmanship and one take more “tech”. Both are a cost but, which is more “worth it”? Does...
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    Sharp points???

    Has anyone ever tried to combine sharp point (veneers?) with “butterfly” splices AND a CNC inlay?? Would that be cool... or too busy?
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    Sharp points???

    Believe me, this is not boring! Have you, by chance, ever made a video showing how you build a cue? I don’t want you to give away any secrets, just interested.
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    Sharp points???

    So, what exactly would one look for?
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    Sharp points???

    No- I’m still here. Just digesting information... and working! Thanks all!!
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    Sharp points???

    Can someone here tell me a few things.... 1. What IS a sharp point? 2. How can you tell a CNC point from handmade or any other way, for that matter, by looking at the cue? 3. Can comparison pictures be posted showing the differences between the two? 4. I am trying to treat myself to a new...
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    Peri jump stick

    Is this used? Your price appears to be more than retail.
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    Tamarind and Ebony 8-point into Maple - just finished

    Good God- this is beautiful!!!
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    What happened to Deanoc?

    Does it bother anyone else as to how many people out there do not know the difference between then and than?!
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    MVP Cocobolo J/B For Sale

    Nice cue would love to shoot it!
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    Sold Lambros alert!!

    Hmmmm- still available? Not a collector- looking for a player.