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  1. Johnny Rosato

    Cue information

    The pic on the cue is Willie Mosconi. I assume that's what the "WM" stands for also.
  2. Johnny Rosato

    Sleeves To Keep Cases In?

    I have one that's tan in color that my JB Rugged 3x5, or either my 2x3 came in. It's like brand new, put it in a drawer when I received the case. PM me your address and I'll send it to you.
  3. Johnny Rosato

    Tip nonanimal

  4. Johnny Rosato

    Anyone else not able to add pictures?

    I tried numerous times and can't do it. I use a laptop.
  5. Johnny Rosato

    Best Custom Cuemakers?

    Rick Howard or Bob Dzuricky, take your choice, simple as that. You can close the thread now.
  6. Johnny Rosato

    Never pay retail ...

    It'll never play right for you. Wait till midnight then go outside and throw the butt in a northerly direction hard as you can. The next night go out and throw the shaft in a southerly direction, also as hard as you can.
  7. Johnny Rosato

    McDermott .75 bumper

    OK, I 've owned a ton of McD's, sorry I couldn't help!
  8. Johnny Rosato

    McDermott .75 bumper
  9. Johnny Rosato

    Rick Howard Sneaky....Thoughts?

    I play a Rick Howard, not a sneaky but it's the best I've played with,,, and I've played/owned a lot of good cues. I only have 3 cues now, my R Howard, a fancy sneaky by Bob Dzuricky, and my old McD e-series merry widow. I've not played much with the Dz cue, so I can't compare, it's basically a...
  10. Johnny Rosato

    Cue Tips, Non Layered Vs Layered

    I think he pisses on them in a bucket 3' away after 4 - 8 Schlitz beers and leaves them in the bucket for 80 -90 days. Drains the bucket and leaves them outside for 30 more days regardless of the weather. After that, he installs them on his cues. (the guy told me that could be lying, but I trust...
  11. Johnny Rosato

    Anybody heard from garczar?

    Hope he is well, I like the guy.
  12. Johnny Rosato

    Cleaning balls: wtf happened?!

    At least they all match!
  13. Johnny Rosato

    Huntsville AL pool halls and tournaments
  14. Johnny Rosato

    Whats your butt weigh?

    My Pechauer break shaft is 6.5 I bought the 'Pechauer Naked Break Cue with the black Ice Shaft'. It's a 2021 model, I carefully opened the box and pulled out the cue in it's clear plastic sleeve. What a beauty, there were 6 balls so i ran 'em out, without chalk. I the cue down, put it back in...
  15. Johnny Rosato

    Earl is coming to southern calif in august. How much will tickets be??

    I hear he's having a class for the kids though. Gonna teach 'em to whine, bitch, moan. Then he'll teach then "the Look".
  16. Johnny Rosato

    rubber bumper

    I prefer one made of the old Wham-O Superball, made of "Zectron". If you bounce it off the floor perfectly plumb, you can get your cue to stick in the ceiling 14 feet high, sometimes 16 feet...
  17. Johnny Rosato

    Huntsville, AL pool rooms
  18. Johnny Rosato

    Funny pic/gif thread...