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    Tour Sponsors

    Sponsorship deals are typically paid for with cash, product or a combination of cash and product.
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    WPBA Tournament of Champions

    The ToC is a Billiards International event and as far as I know is a made for TV invitational. The only one who could answer this would likely be Gregg Hovey at Billiards International. If memory serves, they select the players based on who's won certain events (hence the Tournament of...
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    Ratings and/or numbers for The Hustlers

    The first episode generated a Nielsen rating of 0.12 (this is just the first run and does not include any Live +7 numbers). This is pretty much in line with what most billiards programming does from the numbers I've seen in the past few years.
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    Genuine Concern Over AzB

    Based on the pure visit numbers going to the forums, the traffic is still trending upward.
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    SJM Trip Report Super Billiards Expo

    Hi Chris, I can't speak for any of the other companies that you mentioned, but I'm happy to explain why PoolDawg wasn't at the Expo. The overall cost for us to bring out our pop-up store booth is just simply too high for such a short show. We do get a 10x10 booth there from time to time to...
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    Sammy Diepps

    Samm runs the BEF, so that will likely be the best way to contact her. Here's the BEF contact info: BILLIARD EDUCATION FOUNDATION PO Box 5012 Denver, CO 80217-5012 (303) 926-1039 (303) 926-1133 fax Hope this helps! Mike
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    PoolDawg Is Looking For Instructional Writers

    Hello from PoolDawg! As many of you know, PoolDawg has been curating instructional articles over the past few years. We are looking to further expand this project, so I wanted to see if there are any AZBers who might be interested in writing for us (don't worry, as I checked with Mike Howerton...
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    Ball Question: just noticed Centennials sell for over $400 ?!?!?!

    Like most products in the billiards industry, that ball set falls under Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) rules. Dealers were instructed to not advertise this ball set for more than 10% off MSRP (hence the $404 price). Hope this helps! Mike
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    What is up with this "POOL DAWG?

    It is unfortunate that the person posting that on Youtube stole the video and isn't crediting Josh Kuhn, the original creator of the "Halo" videos (and Halo's owner). Here is the link to the original (with about 2 million views) and to his video channel...
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    Where has the Billiards on tv gone?

    Clearly they're better than what classic pool would pull. Keep in mind that current WWE wrestling programming typically pulls in the 3.0 to 3.3 range (as compared to new billiards programming which would typically pull around a 0.2). This has been discussed ad nauseum. No one paid ESPN to...
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    Where has the Billiards on tv gone?

    I don't know what the situation is with the WPBA, but I can tell you that ESPN is not interested in billiards programming. This was made very clear to me by my rep at ESPN. This is why you won't even find old matches on ESPN Classic. According to my rep, billiards programming is all getting...
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    Rodney announces Bonus Ball's return on FB

    Honey Boo Boo's most recent show pulled a 1.7 rating (approx 2 million households). When ESPN was airing pool on TV, it averaged a 0.2 rating (approx 230k households). I'd love to see pool back on TV on a regular basis, but given the viewership, there's no reason why any network would pay for...
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    Vendor Booths at APA Nationals - Riviera?

    In that picture, Oscar was about 4 months old. He's just over a year old now and is quite a bit bigger at about 125 lbs. He'll end up being on the small side for Saints. We're all dog folks here at PoolDawg, so when people bring their pups into the office, it can get a bit chaotic. One of...
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    Vendor Booths at APA Nationals - Riviera?

    As always, PoolDawg will be at APA Nationals in force. We're in the Mini-Mania room (where most of the vendors are located). We're the first booth on the left when you walk through the main doors. Be sure to stop by and meet the team!
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    Bogus Ball..from the start

    If pool drew a 1.2, ESPN would be airing billiards events on a regular basis. For the past several years, pool has averaged a rating of around 0.2. The highest Nielsen number I've seen in the time I've worked in this business (about 9 years) was 0.64 that happened during the 2006
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    Looking for Vegas advice (kid friendly if possible)

    Le Reve is a great show that is very family friendly. There's also a really nice aquarium over at Mandalay Bay and several family friendly things to do over at the MGM. You could also take him to one of the shooting ranges (minors are usually fine if they're going with a parent). I went to...
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    Why is 'Challenge of Champions' on ESPN After 21 Years?

    Nielsen ratings for pool are consistently in the .15 to .25 range. As for ESPN not wanting to put pool on TV, that is 100% true. Over the past 5 years, ESPN has pushed billiards programming from the flagship to ESPN2 and now to ESPN3. In addition, a couple years ago ESPN completely wiped...
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    2013 APA Nationals...Who is going?

    Good advice. I wanted to also note that if the driver tells you "there's construction on Paradise", 99% of the time it's a ruse so they can longhaul you. Cabbies in Las Vegas are absolutely notorious for longhauling visitors. Every time I've been told the "construction" ruse, I told the...
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    Are there any BK3s for Sale?

    BK3's are on national backorder with Predator through at least Mid-May (according to our rep). Hope that helps! Mike
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    Pooldawg does it again!

    56? Sounds like Christina got a little overzealous with the stickers. :wink: Feel free to hand 'em out to anyone that wants to sport a PoolDawg sticker. :)