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  1. Onepocket73

    Jon Kucharo in trouble

    For all of you "Wise Holier than thou's" claiming this thread is insensitive.....please man! Did you see the nature of Jons crime? He kidnapped and held prisoner a helpless woman. That's pretty freaking heinous and people should dam well know that he did it so they can take precaution when...
  2. Onepocket73

    Jon Kucharo in trouble

    Short stop player Richie Idrovo out of Chicago. Shot and murdered his girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself and took his own life in the same breath. Thing that creeps me out about that one is that I used to kind of know him and actually rode around in the car with him for a while one...
  3. Onepocket73

    Jon Kucharo in trouble

    He may have because this is from last year. I never seen anybody post about it though.
  4. Onepocket73

    Jon Kucharo in trouble

    I'm pretty sure this is Jon Kucharo the pool player that used to have a monster break and played at the highest level with the best players in the world. I met him a few times and he seemed like a nice enough guy so seeing this is a bit troubling. Unfortunately I've seen this type of stuff...
  5. Onepocket73

    US Open 9-Ball player list

    Why isn't Tang HOA on that list??
  6. Onepocket73

    DCC results

    Jay,when are you going to fire up the LA Open again?? Come on,it's time to rekindle that flame!
  7. Onepocket73

    Preacher Don Feeney to be at Derby City

    Don hung out at Carlo's Billiard Academy in Downers Grove through the 90's.Very nice guy and extremely knowledgeable.He was an avid golfer at that time as well as I recall. He played Dallas West in a straight pool exhibition match at Cue Time Billiards back then.This was back in the days when...
  8. Onepocket73

    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Bob's Billiards in Anaheim,Ca on Ball Rd. I can tell so many stories about that place.Saw Efren giving Keith the 8 and just stone cold robbing him.Players I remember there...Mexican Eddie(strange bridge),Snake(sledgehammer break),Little Jeff Patterson,Woody(guy use to slap himself when he made...
  9. Onepocket73

    Old school one pocket match

    Happy New Year everyone....enjoy
  10. Onepocket73

    BANK POOL TOURNAMENT October 21st, 2017 @ Red Shoes Billiards (Chicago)

    John,what is the tournament going to be next month?
  11. Onepocket73

    Who were the most talented junior players, who disappeared from competition?

    Kucharo had the most powerful break I've ever seen.
  12. Onepocket73

    Mark Tadd vs Donnie Anderson....1993 LA Open bank pool finals

    The final match in the 1993 Los Angeles Open bank pool division.It is a race 5.....enjoy! Part 1 Part 2
  13. Onepocket73

    1993 LA Open 9 ball finals.....Mark Tadd vs Dennis Hatch

    You guys are being a little ridiculous with this "shark" move stuff.Please,Hatch didn't miss the ensuing jump shot because Tadd took a quick peak.I agree that taking a look is unclassy and I never do it in competition unless it could be grounds for calling a ref regarding a questionable hit,but...
  14. Onepocket73

    1993 LA Open 9 ball finals.....Mark Tadd vs Dennis Hatch

    It is rumored that he would work on his break for hours on end at times.
  15. Onepocket73

    1993 LA Open 9 ball finals.....Mark Tadd vs Dennis Hatch

    Jenny,you were probably at that tournament?
  16. Onepocket73


    Depends on which service you order... Next day air EAM......Arrive next morning by 8:30am local time Next day air.....Arrive next morning by 10:30am Next day air saver......Arrive next day by end of day 2nd day air.....Arrive 2 days after ship date by end of day 3 day select......Arrive 3 days...
  17. Onepocket73

    1993 LA Open 9 ball finals.....Mark Tadd vs Dennis Hatch

    It is a race to 11.Hatch gets one of the worst rolls I've ever seen at the 20:30 mark.I am sure he still remembers it to this day!
  18. Onepocket73

    BANK POOL TOURNAMENT April 9th, 2016 @ Red Shoes Billiards (Chicago)

    When I left there were 5 players remaining.Piggy had the hot seat with Leonard waiting on the final loser side match.Other 3 were Mark Pratico,Mike M from Michigan and Neil Jacobs. I didn't realize how good Neil banks.If he learned to play smarter I bet he'd be one of the best bank pool players...
  19. Onepocket73

    How long before you got it

    Yes,I was very capable of running a 9ball or 8ball rack after about a year.Like I said,the bigger challenge is doing it under pressure against good players,which is a whole other side of the game.Goes way beyond the physical act of playing and taps into the deeper psyche of a man where all of...