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    Cory Barnhart

    I’ll take it Izzy.
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    Sold Mezz Ignite 3/8x10 joint for sale

    Did this sell?
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    Sold 30” Mezz Ignite 3/8x10 modified

    Is this available
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    DEAL OF THE DAY Vintage Schon ST-13 w/ 3 Shafts

    is this still available?
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    Carmeli stainless joint 4 point

    SOLD Decided to sell my Carmeli. It’s dated 6/19 & in very good condition. Comes with two shafts . One is 12.5 with a techno dud & the other is standard 13 with factory lepro tip. No trades PayPal g&s only. I can provide references & my cell is 931-309-7169. Price is $1950. Thanks, Matt
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    Which carbon shaft

    I’m considering ordering my first carbon shaft. I’m considering the Jacoby black, the meucci carbon or the go2. I’m getting a 30” whichever I get. I’ve heard a lot of good on the blacks & the go2. What’s everyone’s thoughts. The only thing I don’t like about the go2 is the wait time lol.
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    Pierce cue

    I’ve had my Pierce for about 3 months now. This was my first custom & we’re already working on a second. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome & more so the playability. I ask for a 19.50 60” tulipwood/ebony. When I received it it weighed 19.51 with one shaft & 19.58 with the second. I...
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    Orange Mezz Kai

    I have a Orange Mezz kai w/xpg wrap. Has the pro r shaft & sonic tip. In excellent condition no dings or dents anywhere. $650 shipped in the US. No trades PayPal goods & services only add 3%. My cell is 931-309-7169.
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    Tony Layne JB

    Selling my 2018 Tony Layne JB. Cue is in mint condition. Weighs 20.4 oz total, shaft weighs 6.19. Cue is brown in color. Price IS $825 PayPal g&s & includes shipping in the US. Picture won’t downloaded but I can text it to you. My cell is 931-309-7169. Thanks, Matt
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    Let's See Your Schon! Pictures Please.

    My guess is it’s a STL 15 with a black butt cap. If you read the fine print about schons it says the stain color , inlay material and butt cap color may different than shown.
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    Schon Stl 15 looking to trade for a "plain" schon.

    I have a STL 5 with a black embossed sharkskin wrap.
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    mezz vs predator

    If you’re considering the vantage then I would recommend the Mezz alpha hybrid @ 12.8. I’ve owned the ex pro, wx 700, hybrid pro 2 & alpha hybrid from Mezz & I’ve owned a vantage. The vantage was my least favorite. I my main player is a Schon STL5 w/a 30” mezz hybrid pro2. The ex pro is a...
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    Schon Vs Jacoby

    I searched the site & didn’t find anything newer than 2014. I own a Schon but many say the new schons aren’t as nice as the old ones. Which is better now days ?
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    30" Mezz (Exceed) EXPro shaft united joint

    I have a 2 week old 29" ex pro. My cell is 931-309-7169.
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    McDermott G323

    I have a nearly new G323 for sale in excellent condition. I bought it new from seyberts in February this year. I had a black lizard wrap put on by seyberts. I have 2 shafts both with the Everest standard tip. The gcore shaft not turned down & a new maple shaft from McDermott turned down to...
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    Bought a Schon STL-3 to sell

    My new cue doesn't have that tink sound. I have the Zan grip hard on mine.
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    Bought a Schon STL-3 to sell

    I just got a STL6 last week. I had a Meucci with the pro shaft. It was well made & to be honest I only returned it because I was to impatient to work through the difference with the shot. I'm considering ordering another meucci brick & mortar 3 with either exposed wrap or brown leather.
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    Predator Revo ownwers what do you think

    I'm looking at the Roadline with the orange veneers, brown stacked leather & upgrading to the revo 12.9.
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    Schon Cues

    Yea I'm on the fence of returning it and if I do I'm not sure what I would replace it with. I've considered another Mezz. Either the EC7-CM5 or the AXI -154 or 155. Or the predator Roadline with the revo shaft.
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    Schon Cues

    I received my new Schon on Thursday & I was a little disappointed. Nothing with the fit or feel. I did find one little spot on the forearm that appears to be some glue residue possibly. The reason for my disappointment was in the material. I ordered the STL6 which is supposed to have Bocate...