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  1. arps

    US Open 9-Ball, 2023, Atlantic City, Sep 25-30

    I assume you could only press the clock as soon as all the balls stop moving. And what would happen if I press the clock and a ball was just about to stop? would it be some sort of penalty?
  2. arps

    who has the best stroke in the world ?

  3. arps

    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    I bet the 2 semifinals matches were also thrilling. Hope they let us see them.
  4. arps

    Wrong Ball

    Couple of years ago there was a “can u beat SVB in a race to 100” group, and then the other one was “SVB doesnt have a world title” group. Made very long threads. So now that DO beat SVB in race to 120 and SVB won W9B, AZB is now one big happy family.
  5. arps

    Wrong Ball

    For aramith, 123 are primary colors, 456 secondary colors. You got a purple 4, orange 5 and green 6. Then they noticed that some TV viewers get confused with 4 and 2 - so they created the TV Pro-cup set. 4 ball becomes pink and they also put more dots on the cb. For this new set, could someone...
  6. arps

    US Open hard to watch

    Orange is a nice color and creates really good contrast/distinction among the other balls. Why the hell would you change it???
  7. arps

    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    They’re premiering the Shaw-Corteza match. I hope they shaw the Ko-Corteza too.
  8. arps

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    World champion title, and 10 consecutive racks to win the US Open finals match, I say yes.
  9. arps

    Judd Trump to play U.S. Open.................

    like any news media - always on the safe side of things.
  10. arps

    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    the last-16 is good news to Filipino fans.
  11. arps

    Judd Trump to play U.S. Open.................

    thank God we're done with this Trump thing. Snooker fans are "going bonkers" (did i say that right?)
  12. arps

    Quezon City (Philippines) 10-ball Open

    Sharks production just concluded the QC 10-ball Open. Here are the videos,
  13. arps

    Bata vs Bata

    Filipino player: "what the hell is sharking?"
  14. arps

    2019 WPA World 9 Ball - Qatar

    All three Pinoys Chua, Ignacio and Biado eliminated in last-32. Will try again next year. Oh wait! Is Alex playing for Canada? :D
  15. arps

    2019 WPA World 9 Ball - Qatar

    Wow Joshua got eliminated early. So it's only Earl who was able to defend his W9B title. Carlo Biado almost did it two years ago.
  16. arps

    Josh Filler says to SVB, "There's a new King!"

    There's already a king even before the MC started, and it is that kid. Besides, that previous match really tells nothing - it is a race to 5 for God's sake... :D If someone says that filler is not the "king", then shane isnt either.
  17. arps

    Article on Philipino Pool Players

    Country: "Philippines" People: Filipino
  18. arps

    52nd All Japan Championship (10 ball) (20-24Nov) Winner~$16K

    Congrats to Anton Raga for reaching the semis. That Chinese player who beat him really played well. I'd live to see the wu-raga match. Does anyone have the video?
  19. arps

    CBSA International 9-Ball/Bejing
  20. arps

    Great kick

    Thanks for sharing your experience Jay. I always love reading your stories. Also, Im pretty sure youve met or played Bert "Pasay" Dy in Pasay City. He was a top caliber player back in the 80's/90's (still plays today) in that area.