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    Brunswick Billiard Monarch 4x8 Table $1500.00

    Hey guys I have a Brunswick Billiard Monarch 4x8 table. Complete table and being played on presently. This would make an AMAZING table if someone had the time to refurbish it. Asking $1500.00 It's located in Daytona Beach, FL. I'm not onlineoften so thye best way to contact is via cell phone 386...
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    Varney j/ b cue 99' Nice!

    Photos Sent Photos sent. Thank you, Ed
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    Varney j/ b cue 99' Nice!

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!!!!!!! New job results in no time for pool, so I'm selling my Kevin Varney j/b cue. I purchased it directly from Kevin a few years ago, it's a 19.5. I'll contact Keven to get the details on the tip material. It's a great cue hare to sell it but also hate to see it sit in my...
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    Gold Crown III/IV Light "LIKE NEW"

    Gold Crown III/IV Light "LIKE NEW" SOLD, SOLD, SOLDDD Sold my Gold Crown IV Table and the buyer already had a light, So, I'm selling my Gold Crown IV Light. It's in "LIKE NEW" condition. Retails over $1600.00 asking $250.00. Located in Concord, NC. Thank you! SOLDDDDDDDDDDD
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    Varney J/B Cue 19.5 Like NEW!

    Varney J/B Cue 19oz Like NEW! I bought this cue directly from Kevin Varney about 9 months ago for $250.00. Used VERY little weights 19oz and is in GREAT shape. Asking $175.00. Located in Concord, NC Photos available e-mail or phone 704 490 7222. Thanks
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    FS - Gold Crown III Table Light Like NEW

    I have for sale a Gold Crown III Original Brunswick Table Light. It's like new condition with (4) 8' bulbs. I'm located in Concord, NC about 2 miles from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I have photos available for serious buyers. Please send all e-mails to black(under score)
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    Brunswick Gold Crwon III

    Had alot of e-mails and interest in my table, just letting everone know it's still available carted for trasnport and needs to go. If anyone has questions or concerns I can be reached at 561 756 4468. Thank you
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    Brunswick Gold Crwon III

    Thank you for the kind words. Someone will get a GREAT deal.
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    Brunswick Gold Crwon III

    We maybe able to work something out. Phone me tomorrow 561 756 4468 Thanks Edgar
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    Brunswick Gold Crwon III

    I'm selling my Brunswick Gold Crown III 4.5 x 9' table. The table is in very nice shape. All 3 pieces of slate are in great condition, rails are alive and the wood is super condition with drop pockets. The only reason for selling is because it will not fit into my new home. So I'm having to down...
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    Looking to buy a Diamond

    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase a GOOD used Diamond Pro-Am 4x8 or a Professional 4.5 x 9. Perfer it to located on the East coast. If anyone can help me please send an e-mail to Thanks in Advance
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    Billiard Rooms in Boca Raton Florida?

    Hey everyone I'm relocating from the Florida Keys to Boca Raton, Florida next week. Anyone know of a good Billiard room nice tables. food and drink in the Boca Raton area? Thanks in Advance
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    Billiard Rooms in Boca raton Florida?

    Please delete.
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    Need a lesson? Scott Lee is the man for you!!

    Contact Info Hello how would someone get in contact with Scott Lee? Please pm if possible. Thank you
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    *** Brunswick Gold Crown III***

    New Lowered Price $1500.00 Come Get It!
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    *** Brunswick Gold Crown III***

    Cleared Thank you
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    wtb break cue under 300 I have a Kevin Varney "1999" j/b cue for sale. PM me if interested. Thanks
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    *** Brunswick Gold Crown III***

    I'm sure there're lot's of tables on the market all in various condition, BUT I know my table is a 9.8 on a scale of 1-10 high being a 10. Then you add balls, brush, Gold Crown light etc.
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    *** Brunswick Gold Crown III***

    OK Guys $1700.00 . Come get it!
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    *** Brunswick Gold Crown III***

    Need's to go! Don't miss this GREAT table guys. PM's have been addressed. Thanks