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    Sold 3x5 Instroke Saddle

    Do you do Venmo? Would like to buy your case. Frank
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    Mezz Axi 157

    Do u use venmo?
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    Sold Schick 1987

    In great condition, 4 point w/ivory inlays $2200 new price Butt 15.5oz stainless 5/16x14 joint Shaft 1 13mm 4.00oz ivory ferrule Shaft 2 13mm 3.8 oz ivory ferrule Irish linen wrap 57" Rolls straight together or apart No trades Venmo or usps money order Frank 425 902 3464 pacific time
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    Jovi Fancy Sneaky Pete for $275

    I'D like to buy it Fany sneaky pete
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    2020 Sugartree Zircote & Rocky Mountain Maple Burl - NEW, MINT & UNCHALKED

    Hi I have a super nice Shurtz Cue w/4 points 3 veneers, ebony is main point. not sure what the woods are. Leather wrap. Has 4 boxes with 3 veneers cut at 45's and small black oval w/inlay.Same inlays are in the points. Only thing that keeps it from being mint is the butt cap has some chips and...
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    Billy "Spider" Webb Butterflies in Chechen burl

    are you interested in a trade? I have a BEM Tad w/2 shafts in great shape. Its one of the early ones, around early to mid 60's. Hits great... Frank
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    <O> Shelby Williams - 2nd Place DCC Full Splice Cue! <O>

    I have a new runde 18 4 point full splice w/recuts and 4 venners with ivory inlays and 2 shafts. played a few racks with it, hits great...interested in a trade? Frank
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    Sold McDermott TC-2 Collector Tournament Cue

    are you interested in a trade? I have a older but very nice runde w/ivory joint and curly maple shaft. Frank