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    Tim Scruggs Cue For Sale

    What kind of wood is the butt? Rosewood? Cocobolo? Full Spice? Original or restored/refinished? Bing, dent and/or scratches?
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    Alex Brick Jump Cue

    Is that a jump/break or a 3 piece jumper?
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    TAD Hoppe PurpleHeart Cue

    I have a question. I understand that a cue like this is made and given to the winner of the Tad Cup. Why would there be more than one Tad Cup cue made for the same year then? I saw a totally different one (with different woods and veneers) that was actually given to the winner of the 2012 Cup.
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    using predator 314-3, do I really need a revo?

    The Revo and the 314-3 will play around the same. Major differences is that the Revo will be smooth all the time, will not be as subject to humidity and will take more of a beating. The thickness of the shaft will likely differ slightly as well.
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    I love mine but wish I got the progressive to help with chalking, reading score sheets, etc.
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    Cue Track Stroke Trainer (Rare)

    What is that black tubular piece in the picture? Doe the cue slide through that?
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    Need a little input

    Can someone explain this in a little more detail? I am a relative newbie and have only played in the APA league and would like to better understand this handicap system being discussed. Thanks.
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    Alex Brick Jump Cue

    Looking to purchase an Alex Brick jump cue. Would possibly consider a Steve Lomax or Tony Layne. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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    Jump Cues

    Thoughts on what jump cue to get. Alex Brick? Others? Newer “more modern” ones?
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    Most underrated cuemakers?

    Chris Nitti
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    Thoughts on Kielwood Shafts

    What type/hardness tip do you use on it?
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    Thoughts on Kielwood Shafts

    Wondering about people's opinions on Kielwood shafts?
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    Starting treatment on Monday

    I've been cancer free for 14 years+. You've got this!!!
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    John Barton us open ban

    My Two Cents I am newly back playing pool for the last year after a 30+ year break. I have no skin in this but would like to say that I personally own a JB Rugged case and in the process of purchasing a second one (could only wish and dream that one day to be able to afford one of his tooled...
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    30" Lakewood Diveney

    Thoughts on the Diviney Lakewood and Kielwoods shafts?
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    Best Hitting Cues Survey - Please Reply

    Searing Scruggs
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    🔥 🔥 Vintage Burton Spain cue with pearl inlays

    Wondering why the measurements in the letter do not match your posted measurements?
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    Brand New 1x2 Gtf Cases - Lizard Series

    What inside length will they accomodate (with joint protectors)?
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    For Sale: Superb Paul Mottey Traditional Player

    Really nice looking cue, Brian!
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    Tim Scruggs 4pt ebony/ birdseye

    Nice cue going. Lucky buyer.