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    Great week

    The Action this week was amazing!!! This weekend and The Weeks to follow only promise more great play. Anyone traveling near Shreveport Should stop by and check out the best action room around. Located one minute off I-20 5 Minutes off I-49.

    Looking for Action

    A New Action Room Has opened. The Basement or Sand Bar(a local sports bar) has been remodeled to accommodate players. The room is kept private from average customers. 2 Crown 4 9 foot tables and 2 diamond 7 foot tables. Private Bathrooms and Bar. If your Traveling threw Stop by. 2 Minuets off...

    New Pool Room, Ready for Action

    Sand Bar in Shreveport Louisiana just opened! We offer players a private room equipped with 2 7' Diamond Pro-am tables and 2 9' Crown 4's. This room is your stop for all the Action in North Louisiana and surrounding area. For directions or for questions call 318-212-1718.