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  1. rjb1168

    MO-1 shaft

    MO-1 shaft collar is solid black, are you sure it's a MO-1
  2. rjb1168

    Benefits of joining an APA league?

    Sometimes, but not every week. Some people have health issues where they are not supposed to drink alcohol. 3.00 for a bottle of water or a soda, they do just fine.
  3. rjb1168

    Benefits of joining an APA league?

    That's all leagues not just Apa. Tap, BCA, APA and local 8 ball leagues are no different. I drink soda, water and if I do have beer I will only have 1. My 68 year old butt does not need a DUI.
  4. rjb1168

    Benefits of joining an APA league?

    APA is designed for the low skilled players to get them interested and teach then about pool. It is not designed for high skilled players, so any high skilled players should just go and have fun and if you can't do that don't play. I play apa 9 ball 7/8 and have fun with it. The best I can tell...
  5. rjb1168

    Meucci Cue Identification

    If it's straight $200 - 300
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    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    Where is Danny practicing with John Schmidt.
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    Niels Feijen in the BCA Hall of Fame

    Congratulations Niels!!!!!!!💪🏆🥇🍻
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    Jeffrey Forney Is Still Scamming
  9. rjb1168

    Old Cue ID Help

    more pictures / joint & pin, remove the bumper take a picture of it and one of the weight bolt. Better pictures of the forearm and butt sleeve / close up pictures.
  10. rjb1168

    CSI dumps Diamond for Predator tables

    You are correct about Matchroom but I stand by my statement about Predator. I am a fan of matchroom and Diamond tables too!
  11. rjb1168

    CSI dumps Diamond for Predator tables

    First off, I like Diamond tables but it is Predator sinking $$$$$ sponsoring 3/4 of the pro's, putting on tournaments with nice payouts. They are now the Brunswick of pool. If we ever lose them pro pool will disappear. They are driving professional pool and more. This is my opinion.
  12. rjb1168

    R.I.P. Jack Justis

    I met Jack a couple times at SBE and he was always very nice. The year before covid hit I bought his Scruggs titlist that Tim made and traded Jack for a case. Jack was very nice and told me to give him my address and he would send me the TS sleeve that it came in. It was about a week after SBE...
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    Jack Justis has passed away

    RIP Jack, you were the best.
  14. rjb1168

    Stroudsburg, PA pool rooms

    There one in Bartonsville called The 8 Ball Lounge right on rt 611. BYOB
  15. rjb1168

    What's up at Meucci cue company?

    I was told by a very reliable source that it was two investors from Texas. She is sponsored by them, so she knows.
  16. rjb1168

    What's up at Meucci cue company?

    Must be doing better as nobody has any bad news. I have heard 2 feedbacks on refinish work and turn around was 2-3 weeks. Thats the only ones I heard about.
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