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  1. Simon Lau

    -:-:-:-:-:-:--- Mezz WX700 and Pre Cat Predator shafts ---:-:-:-:-:-

    Send me better pictures of the 314 please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Simon Lau

    Buy wholesale snakewood

    How much $$$?
  3. Simon Lau

    Snakewood......snake wood.....snakewood...

    Is there 1 Blank and 3 slabs? What's the best you can do for all of them?
  4. Simon Lau

    compression dies

    How much you want?
  5. Simon Lau

    For Sale: American Ball Thread Tap

    Will that good for install the Radial pin from Uni-Loc sell by Atlas
  6. Simon Lau

    More misc items up For Trade

    What and how many layered tips for picture 1 ? What layered tip and how many you want to trade for picture 1 ?
  7. Simon Lau

    1 Inch billets have several colors start at $30 a set

    I take 1 12 slotted Purple Heart set.let me know your paypal Thanks
  8. Simon Lau

    TNT Max Pro cue tip. Free sample to the first 50 PM's

    I would like to try them. Thanks
  9. Simon Lau

    Universal Tip Centralizer

    Receive my today. Look Great. Thanks
  10. Simon Lau

    Misc Tools For Sale.

    I don't buy at AZ much. But I'm member since 2007. I don't know if I want to buy it. I should PM the seller or post here. So I send you PM before bdcues first post. said I want it all. but you never get back to me. I start making cues. Needs a lot tools. Can you tell me where to get the...
  11. Simon Lau

    LTB 30" cocobolo round.

    Can you send me the supplier too. Thanks
  12. Simon Lau

    FS- Alex Brick Jump Cues With Extensions In Las Vegas

    Do you still have the jump cue Available? I need 3 or 4 with extensions. The last two at the end.and # 4 from right to left. Let me know If they available. Price for 3 and 4. You can call me 9174022988 anytime. I'm not AZ much. Thanks
  13. Simon Lau


    Can you send pic to if they still for sale. Thanks
  14. Simon Lau

    Universal Tip Centralizer

    I will take a 18 with Spirit Level. Let me know.
  15. Simon Lau

    cue sold & shipped to New York, no update from USPS.

    USPS is the WORST USPS is the WORST. I Would never use them.
  16. Simon Lau

    Im lookin for a Tascarella cue

    High End Tascarella Just email you a link.have a look.
  17. Simon Lau

    **** Gus Szamboti Hoppe For Sale ****

    price please