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    Looking for 12ft American table

    it seems that Ohlhausen makes 12ft pool tables. i am in contact with them to ask for further info. will update thread later
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    Looking for 12ft American table

    Yeah, I don't like snooker that much... I want to play and practice American pool in snooker dimensions. How can i achieve this?? maybe custom-made?
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    Looking for 12ft American table

    Ok i don't know if that even exists, but I am looking for an American table 12 ft, not 9 ft, and definitely not snooker style. I want to play 9ball and 10ball on a bigger table like 12 ft. Does any company make those? I searched for Brunswick 12ft, dynamic 12 ft, diamond 12 ft, and other brands...
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    Mosconi cup attendance

    Awesome. I think I might go with the gold. Is just 3 rows back in some areas and the difference in money is huge. I also found a nice hotel at Wood green as you mentioned and the only one with available rooms on those dates and near the Alexander Palace (only 15 min walk - 1.5 Km)
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    Mosconi cup attendance

    Hey all, I'm thinking to attend the Mosconi Cup in London this December since I am located currently in Greece and is a chance for me to go as I always wanted to experience the whole event. I saved some money and thought even to buy the VIP tickets. But I had a couple of questions so if anyone...
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    Mezz Power Break 2

    any chance to ship in Greece or Netherlands ? :)
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    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    ok. i also touch and feel that expro is a bit conical at a point..why is that? isnt supposed to be pro taper rather than european?...what am i missing?
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    Mezz Hybrid Pro 2 shaft 30"

    Hi, Looking for a Hybrid Pro 2 shaft 30" long wavy joint but wouldnt hurt a 29 either. Thanks.
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    Ultimate predator set $1575

    hi sell seperately? intresting in bk2
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    WTB OB 127 Allison Fisher Cue

    Hi all. Kinda new here. Wtb OB 127 with a classic plus shaft if possible. PM me what u got ! Thanks
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    faulty cue tip ?

    bought this shaft 3 weeks ago for new. Unfortunately, what the supplier told me is that the tip came shorty by the factory as a default due to the 11.75 shaft. I order a new anyway. The shoot i was trying to amke was...
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    faulty cue tip ?

    Hi. last night i misscue and this is what happened to my tip. A piece of tip peel off. I play pool many years and It is the first i see a situation like this. Does this happened to anyone before? is it common? any thoughts?
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    Ob classic and pro

    Do these shafts look used to you? Bought them for new Hi. I hope this is the right topic to post this thread. I recently bought one OB Classic shaft for a friend and OB Classic Pro shaft for me from an authorized dealer and cue repair pro of OB. Both comes with Everest tip. As far as i know...
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    Ring between tip and ferrule?

    You are so right.It looked a bit shiny so i assumed its a metal or silver ring. What appears to be is the Kamui-Clear tip. Sorry for misunderstaning
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    Ring between tip and ferrule?

    Hi all. I know a person that he has a nice viking cue and he made a modification on his shaft. He add a silver ring between tip and ferrule. May i ask if that offers something or affecting the shoots in any way ? I ask the owner whats the reason behind that and he told me that he hits more solid...