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  1. Jr's Farm

    Gluing Rings

    Jet 1340GHB using a Kress spindle for live tooling with a threading end mill.
  2. Jr's Farm

    CNC spindle

    Following for updates. Looking to better my setup and control from a Kress 1050.
  3. Jr's Farm

    8 - 6-pie laminated coring dowels

    2nd, just in case.
  4. Jr's Farm

    Carbide Sanding Mandrels

    Paypal on its way!
  5. Jr's Farm

    Carbide Sanding Mandrels

    Ok, fine. I'll take the last 3/8"x10. I'll Paypal as soon as you verify. Frank edit: Just want to confirm that this is also the Flat Bottom 3/8-10 (.308 minor). Looks like it, but want to be sure.
  6. Jr's Farm

    My new spindle and VFD

    Thanks for the update. Going back over this thread though, I didn't see it mentioned, but have you measured any run-out on this or used it for inlays yet? I imagine that just turning shafts you probably haven't ran it much at high rpm either. Just trying to get an idea of it's workload with...
  7. Jr's Farm

    My new spindle and VFD

    Any updates or issues with this spindle after using it for awhile now?
  8. Jr's Farm

    F/S: 3/8"-16 tpi 12.5" long tap new/old stock

    Terrific bargain, Dave. Thanks a ton for offering these up, I'm sure they'll all be put to good use. Regards, Frank
  9. Jr's Farm

    F/S: 3/8"-16 tpi 12.5" long tap new/old stock

    One for me too, please.
  10. Jr's Farm

    where is a good website for ordering building supplies?

    I don't quite understand why it has to be shared via PM when it's as simple as finding it on Google. Retail sources can be shared openly btw. Atlas Billiard Supply would be a good place to start. Frank
  11. Jr's Farm


    I posted some how-to info a couple years ago regarding the uploading pictures and how to edit them for file size, starting at about post #11 of this thread: Maybe this will help. Frank
  12. Jr's Farm

    Best price for cue tips

    Retail sources are allowed. Wholesale sources require a secret handshake (but if it's shared via pm it's considered ok).
  13. Jr's Farm

    Cue Wax

    Is this available at the local hardware type stores or do you need to purchase from a specialty outlet? Thanks, Frank
  14. Jr's Farm

    Since We are Whipping Them Out

    I think someone is compensating. I guess my machine qualifies as nanotech compared to that behemoth.
  15. Jr's Farm

    Jump Tips special for cue makers/cue repair man

    Prices please. Thank you!
  16. Jr's Farm

    How good is this shaft wood**********

    Great post JB. Those are real pearls of wisdom. Rep to you! Frank
  17. Jr's Farm

    Taig Breeze CNC Feedback

    FYI guys; this thread is nearly 3 years old. I've since found my machine (and it isn't a Breeze). Thanks for all the current 'heads up' and appropriate warnings regarding Lee. Thankfully I figured him out long ago and the PM's are not necessary. Thanks anyway!
  18. Jr's Farm

    Labor Day Weekend Shaftwood Special!

    PM sent. Any price break for more quantity?
  19. Jr's Farm

    F. S. Work Station

    Todd, How much for this exact setup but with the large bore headstock instead? I also replied to yesterdays email, FYI. Thanks! Frank