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    Filler back to the carbon shaft

    Woodshaft yes I understand. I usually cash in at DCC and big regional events so I also am very familiar with the differences. I’m just stating that when people reference wood vs carbon most of the time the “wood shaft” they are referencing is also LD predator 314 as a example and between that...
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    Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton using a wood shaft?

    Not much difference between predator wood or predator carbon. If comparing standard high deflection wood to carbon that is a big difference but very little difference between 314, Z3 and Revo. If someone switches from Revo to high deflection wood shaft now that’s something to talk about.
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    Filler back to the carbon shaft

    Very little difference in predator wood shaft vs predator Revo. Now if we’re talking about a standard wood shaft non low deflection then yes that would be totally different.
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    TPA versus Fargo

    It’s actually 850 not 800 that is/was considered world class.
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    Do carbon fiber shafts make the game easier?

    LD shafts make the game easier, it’s like riding a E bike. Yeah the greats are still gonna be great but you will see more inconsistencies. You wanna know who the best player is get rid of LD shafts and jump cues.
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    A word about learning sidespin

    If we’re throwing a football back and forth and sometimes maybe you’re leading me with a pass. Do you think to yourself pull arm back this far, throw ball at this trajectory oh and wind coming SW at 3 MPH and my target is running X MPH. No you don’t or you could never throw the ball. It’s all...
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    A natural player?

    It was a combination of talent, hand eye coordination and desire. Not sure your age but also back in the day the pool table was comparable to the modern day video game. just look how good these kids are playing video games.
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    Did Jon Kucharo have the most powerful break ever?

    Also back then there were no magic racks. Opponent racks for you overall conditions weren’t as good. A lot of times you had to swing for the fence to up your ball making percentages.
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    Please read this thread.

    I always enjoy reading your post, prayers that everything works out for you.
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    Is Predator taking over the sport?

    It’s awesome that predator was able to sponsor the world 10 ball event and be as active as they are. The predator world 10 ball event was won with a Southwest cue. Predator claims you will play two balls better with their shaft. Imagine how good the Ko brothers, James Aranas, Siming Chen and...
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    My opinion about pool cues

    I say play with whatever is comfortable to you. I have expensive cues and cheap 100 dollar sneaky Pete’s and they all play only as good as what I can make them. Now I’m assuming we’re talking about any cue that is fairly straight with a leather tip and not a tree branch that someone calls a cue...
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    What is your high run in 14.1?

    74 on a diamond. Having never played the game I wanted to see how hard it would be to run 100. I tried for probably 4-5 hours, finally waiving the white flag and having a new respect for that game. I did manage to get my 74 though and was thrilled with that.
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    The nicest compliment I ever got on pool

    I was playing a tournament and drew James Baraks. It was a race to 7 barbox nineball. He broke and ran out the first four. Broke played safe gets ball and hand wins that game and runs out the next two. Afterwards he said to me “good game, I was watching you warm up and look like a good player”...
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    Accounting for Variables: Squirt + Swerve + Throw (SIT, CIT)

    If I had to consciously think about all that it would be overwhelming. I’m sure I did when I first started playing but now it’s all done subconsciously.
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    Calling all pro speed players

    Unfortunately I live in Indiana. Love Moab also. The Whole Enchilada is awesome it may still be to early to go all the up to Burro pass right now. You could do upper porcupine though I believe. The West Sedona Tour is always a good warm up before you hit the real gnar!! I use mountain bike...
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    Calling all pro speed players

    I love riding in Sedona. I try to make it out there once a year. Hiline is my favorite trail, also love all the Hogs/pig trails. Awesome riding and beautiful views.
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    Have I been sleeping? This new wave of straight shooters...

    Could it be that most towns don’t have real Poolroom’s anymore. Alot of places are Bars/Poolroom’s where you have to be 21 to get in. Also there’s a mix of table sizes depending on what part of the country you live in. I’m sure if you live in bigger cities this wouldn’t be a the problem. All...
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    Should the Director(s) Have Stopped the 2018 Mosconi Cup?

    How’d the Filipinos get so good playing in such a rowdy and distracting environment. This isn’t golf, I love that Mosconi cup environment!! It makes it intense. Save the funeral home environment for something else.
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    Shane Van Boening stroke, see video

    That’s called back hand English. A lot of players including myself do this subconsciously.