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  1. tfw314

    Shafts for trade

    United and the others are 5/16x14
  2. tfw314

    Shafts for trade

    First off I’m only looking for Revo unilock white vault plate 12.4 maybe 12.9 in great shape predator med tip. I have 1 SS360 1original 314 3 Mezz WX700 1 Mezz ExPro 1 Ignite all have joint protectors and all have Zan premium soft except 314 no tip ignite medium Zan ignite for Revo and cash 2...
  3. tfw314

    Inspection of the Rack

    Purchase Racking Secrets 1& 2 by Joe.Tucker explains a ton of gaps lol
  4. tfw314

    WTB Air 2 joint protectors

    Would like to see pic of these been looking for days cant find any Thanks In Advance!!
  5. tfw314

    WTB bK3 sport wrap

    As the title states show me what’s out there
  6. tfw314

    Schon cue extension problem

    Sorry for the long pause for the cure but installed leather washer all good now !!!
  7. tfw314

    Schon cue extension problem

    Contacted Tiger got it corrected thanks to all who took the time to give positive advice!!!
  8. tfw314

    Schon cue extension problem

    Well tried to describe it the best i could I’m not a cuemaker just looking for some advice thanks anyway
  9. tfw314

    Schon cue extension problem

    Also i looked on tiger website there’s no leather washer that came with it and where would that washer go could this be the problem thanks again
  10. tfw314

    Schon cue extension problem

    It’s the rubber bumper that tiger provides that keeps coming loose tiger did it at expo but now it the rubber bumper with the threads that the extension screws on to become loose when I take the extension off then I have to tighten it by hand or it will rattle is it a good idea to maybe glue...
  11. tfw314

    Schon cue extension problem

    Purchased a tiger extension but every time i use it and remove the extension the butt cap becomes loose any ideas on how to correct this
  12. tfw314

    Denver and Colorado Springs

    Does jim barber still own antiques and does cowboy still hang out there along with Ruben silva.
  13. tfw314

    ****Rare pretador shaft with 1st Gen morri M tip****

    Still available joint price ?
  14. tfw314

    Any thoughts on "The Pro book"

    I have the DVD both the pro book and the advanced pro book...excellent and Bob is a great stand up guy well worth every cent
  15. tfw314

    Predator Ver. 3 vs. Ver. 2

    I tried the vantage and was definitely different stiffer more forgiving but I agree not willing to lay down 300+ for a new shaft
  16. tfw314

    The New Lucasi Jump Cue?

    Haven't used it yet seen it on seyberts site don't really use air hog that much now but do love it when I need it
  17. tfw314

    Diamonds have arrived...a bunch of them!

    Chandleys in North Ridgeville was the place for many years right off the turnpike great place big time pool place looks great wish it was back in Northeast ohio
  18. tfw314

    Colorado State Championship 8,9,10 Ball

    No Jim Barber or Bill Meacham
  19. tfw314

    How strong is the Ohio pool scene?

    Another thought is that the US Amateur Qualifier at 8 ball sports bar produced both men's and women's champions this year although the winners were not from Ohio just saying very tough qualifier....
  20. tfw314

    looking for g2 patches

    Just what title says, let me know what you got and what you want thanks....