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    R.I.P. Emma Stewart Davis

    James Hanshew is putting a couple of his beautiful cues up for auction to benefit Jr. And his family. Please look and if you have a bid let him know.
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    OB Rift Review

    I've been using OB cues for about 2 years now and IMHO there is no better shooting cue for the money. OB's old break shaft seemed sub-par to me and the product quality didn't match the quality of all of their playing shafts. That being said, I got the privilege to break with the Rift in Vegas...
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    OB Lift & OB Lift Pro

    One of the best jump cues on the planet, will never use another jump cue. Not even a Hanshew has this capability.
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    OB Lift Pro Jump Cue

    I purchased the OB lift (not pro) a couple of weeks ago and haven't been able to find a real in-depth review of it or the Rift (break cue). The Jump tip is a hybrid made by OB cues of Phenolic and Leather, making it deadly accurate and super easy to aim and get control after contact. I shoot...
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    Brand new volturi case 3x6

    That is one of the most beautiful cases I have ever seen GLWS!
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    WTB predator shaft 3/8 x 10

    3/8 X 10 is the McDermott shaft right?
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    What did you get for Xmas (pool related)?

    I got a new 2X4 Case and a My new Lucasi Sneaky Pete with the Hybrid zero flex slim shaft. I have a Joss, and wasn't expecting anything pool related for Christmas. Surprise Surprise
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    Tip Deflection Question??????????????

    I'm with Neil. Deflection has more to do with the shaft than tip, but, he's right it's all a matter of opinion. Check out Dr. Dave
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    Who was the best pool player you ever played in your pool career?

    The Man I was lucky enough to be able to play both Earl Strickland and Johnny Archer in a class I took at Bogeys in North Houston. I am not an amazing shooter and I didn't win, but I had the greatest day of my life learning to shoot from 2 of the best.