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  1. IbeAnEngineer

    Finally getting to scratch the itch (South West)

    Simple, A lot of us really like they way they hit and feel that they are some of the best playing cues made. Frankly, I feel the build quality of the cue I got from them was excellent. They also hold their value as well or better than most any cue.
  2. IbeAnEngineer

    Southwest Cue Started.......(I hope)

    Ken, I got on the list in 2003. I got the call to start the cue in late January 2014. Cue was delivered a year later in January 2015.
  3. IbeAnEngineer

    is it dangerous to put my case inside of the checked-in luggage?

    New Rules? The airlines have not allowed cues on their flights since the regulations were changed after the 9/11/2001 attacks. The rules have been around a couple of decades. To answer your question. I travel with a baseball/softball equipment duffle. It has enough roof for several days...
  4. IbeAnEngineer

    SLY vs Treadway?

    Hit a few balls with both of them. Then buy the one you like best.
  5. IbeAnEngineer

    $30 for a piece of chalk...What's your favorite chalk to use?

    Blue Master's. Preferably Stolen ;)
  6. IbeAnEngineer

    Is gambling required at the higher skill levels?

    No, Just look at Ralf Souquet as an example.
  7. IbeAnEngineer

    Settle a Bet

    To Quote Leo Szilard the physicist, "If you want to succeed in the world, you don't have to be much cleverer than other people. You just have to be one day earlier."
  8. IbeAnEngineer

    Stolen cue

    If you know your friends name. Find out if his estate is going through probate (check the websites for the probate courts in the county you think he was living in). It is likely to be if he has real property in the State of Texas. In which case, the executor of the estate has to make a public...
  9. IbeAnEngineer

    VNEA scoring question

    Go out to the VNEA Las Tournament Flyer. They have a section on Rules in it. This is a snippet from there.
  10. IbeAnEngineer

    APA inks deal with Diamond tables

    APA playing on Diamond tables for their nationals has happened before. If I remember correctly, the APA league played on Diamond Tables at their national event in Vegas for a few years in the early 2000's. I played in a couple of APA nationals early 2000's on Diamonds. Then Mark Griffin...
  11. IbeAnEngineer

    Cringe-worthy Army Commercial

    I can think of one old pool player named flyboy.
  12. IbeAnEngineer

    The magnificent Irving Crane

    The list is missing Raymond Ceulemans which is such a grievous omission it makes me question the credibility of the rankings on the list. Please read the first line of his bio from the BCA hall of fame website. "Raymond Ceulemans of Rijmenan, Belgium, is the greatest all-around carom player the...
  13. IbeAnEngineer

    How many Cues do you own today

    I can totally relate to can't recall all of them. When I went to check my inventory, after reading the original post. I realized I had missed a couple of cues on my list. And, I only have 30 cues.
  14. IbeAnEngineer

    Your best playing production cue

    Either my Schon R1 or my Mcdermott C11
  15. IbeAnEngineer

    Is it time?

    Leave it be. If a member does not like the content, then don't go over there. It keeps all the NPR stuff in one place. Otherwise if will really spill out onto the pool area.
  16. IbeAnEngineer

    Alternative to Calcutta

    Go see an attorney in your area that is familiar/specializes with the applicable laws to your situation, and ask them if you are in violation. Depending on what they say, you can get guidance on what you want to do. That law enforcement agent may or may not be interpreting the law/regulations...
  17. IbeAnEngineer

    CSI/Tournament Las Vegas - Total participant question

    Fast Manners: That website does have the information from previous years on it going back to 2014. They will also have all the participants listed. However, you won't get a full listing till the brackets are actually posted. So if you looking at this years event you can't get the numbers on a...
  18. IbeAnEngineer

    CSI/Tournament Las Vegas - Total participant question

    CSI posts brackets on their website. They list the number of participants next to the braket. You can get your answer from that but you will have to wait till the end when all brackets are up.
  19. IbeAnEngineer

    Record Super Bowl bet....!

    He is smart. Yes he lost his bet on the football game. However, all the folks that bought furniture at full retail are going to have to pay for that furniture. Probably with interest. I imagine that he set it up so that he is making money either way the game went. I don't know what the mark...