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    Joss Identification Help

    The last time I sold one like that I got around $400 for it.
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    US Open 9-Ball -- info on early events?

    I remember some. Billy McCoy, Tom Golly, Mike Sica, Jose Garcia, Dave Daya, Cisero Murphy. Alan Hopkins would certainly remember almost all the names. A lot of this players are local east coast guys.
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    cue ball flying off table 2nd ball 8 ball break on bar table

    If the cue ball is jumping off the table, move away from the side at least two inches. Too close to the rail, you are forced to jack up. I sometimes have my cue ball six inches from the side rail and still hit the second ball. For my best break I hit the third ball.
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    Phenolic Break Tip Question?

    My phenolic tip is around a nickel radius. My tip does not damage cue balls. A harder tip like a G-10 can damage cue balls. My preferred tip for braking is a Triangle tip.
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    How important is the cue for beginner-novice level?

    Sorry but the rules in bars and leagues are fine. Talking about it for over ten years now on AZ Billiards is senseless. Shooting pool in bars and leagues is so much bigger than any professional league. Why should people want to shoot the exact same rules as the pros? Heck, even the rules...
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    How important is the cue for beginner-novice level?

    The only way to eliminate squirt with a house cue is…you’ll need to hit the cue ball in the center.
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    How important is the cue for beginner-novice level?

    Well if you play on a bar box it doesn’t much matter. Just don’t buy a Walmart cue. Playing on big table you’ll need something a little bit better. I’d just go with a low level Meucci or Joss from the start. Resale value is always good when you decide to move to something more pretty. With...
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    Production Cues used by Pro Players

    Yes his staff running Cnc production machines all day and night. Dan is a funny guy. He says a lot of funny stuff.
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    Which one is smoother between these two (WITHOUT GLOVES) Revo or Cynergy

    I use my own carbon fiber shaft. I don’t use gloves. I just use some 400 grit black sand paper on mine to make it slide better. Then I just wipe it with a dry towel.
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    Just got kicked out from tourney

    Well if you won 17 out of 21 you might be taking advantage of people. Taking candy from a baby. I wouldn’t be able to do it.
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    Realistically, what should promoters focus on when it comes to pro pool?

    There needs to be an added attraction besides just a pool tournament. I don’t think pool is a good spectator sport and the game is too easy. The payouts are always top heavy where it’s just not worth playing if you’re just an average Joe. Now if you make it a good food and drink event people...
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    FOULS IN POOL ... Everything You Need to Know

    Never read the WPA rules and I don’t know of anyone that plays by their rules. I think the league I play in has a good set of rules to play by. I play TAP. If there’s going to be a close hit a referee is called to watch. Players will make the call good or bad then the ref makes the final...
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    Question about shooting fast and shooting slow......

    When I was younger I always played fast. I made more money that way. I always had customers waiting to play next.
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    Recent Meucci original buy , assist?

    The points are normal for Meucci. Makes it more like one of a kind custom. Meucci has always done this. Many years ago I used to buy up factory 2nds from Steve Lomax at the Expo. As long as they play good, that’s all that matters. LOL
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    Recent Meucci original buy , assist?

    The points are fine. Doesn’t hurt the value. I’d send it to Scott Erwin or Proficient. Might be a M-7 Meucci.
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    Something is wrong with Team USA

    Win or lose, still a good exhibition. The jump shots seemed to be huge this year. I just enjoy seeing shooters play good. The score mlght not of been close, but there were still good matches. Wish players would be more respectful towards each other for the good of the game.
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    . I do it to keep chalk out of my case. I don't want chalk in the tubes of my case. It's just what I do and have no reason. .
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    If you could travel back in time, where would you travel to, and why?

    . I really enjoyed the 1980's when the women and men had tournaments at the same place. It was nice to spend time with both under the same roof. Was also nice to be able to afford gas and a room. Lots of money to gamble with back in those days. .
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    Most Economical Way To Mail A Stick?

    . I have shipped thousands of pool cues and never had one damaged. It's what I do every day. .
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    Cuetec Bowtie Shaper

    . Well if you are using a lathe you can just use your cutting tool to get it close. Easy if you know what you are doing. Then finish it with rough sandpaper or you tip tool. .