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    Revo wvp 12.9mm

    What pin size does this fit?
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    Revo wvp 12.9

    What pin size does this fit?
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    Carmeli 6 Point Hi-Lo Ebony/ Ebony Cue--SW Style

    Really good looking cue!
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    Alex Brick Jump Cue

    Purchased one. Thanks for the leads!
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    Alex Brick Jump Cue

    Njrackless, Did you want to sell it or just confirm that I'll be pleased with it when I find it? Either way, I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
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    Alex Brick Jump Cue

    Looking for an Alex Brick dymondwood jump cue.
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    2015 - South West - Cocobolo - Tigerwood - 6 points - Southwest

    I've shopped on here quite a bit. This is my first time listing something. Please forgive me if I forgot something. Feel free to ask me anything I failed to mention. This cue was issued by South West in December of 2015. It probably has about 10 hours of play on it. I've always played...
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    >>>Rare wrapless 5 pointer Carmeli beauty<<<

    Do you have a pic of this cue. For some reason, I thought I saw a pic a couple days ago, but it's down now.
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    For Sale......LOMAX

    Can you PM me?