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  1. Jack Flanagan

    World Championships!!

    wow, you go girl ! might not hurt to mention this in chat before everyone has gone to VF. or if you're going to VF, hit up the army . . J...will see what I can do in a few days.
  2. Jack Flanagan

    Anyone ever hear of Chandevere tips???

    I still have some Chandivert "Rocky" tips. I'm hoarding The "Rocky" tip (to me) never was as hard as the testing said they were. I have one on my Favorite Meucci shaft & it mushrooms badly. The ferrule on the shaft split a while back (don't they all...) and I'm hesitating to...
  3. Jack Flanagan

    MBTAYLOR Calm down please!

    Hey, I can understand Matt's frustration with the duplicity on this forum. I also agree that DP is not pool related. DP in his own way is devaluing the more moderately priced custom cues and should be relegated to the NPR section. . . J...thinks DP may just become the next "Wheat"
  4. Jack Flanagan

    import ferrules

    for jobs like the one in question, you have to quote as high a price as possible. maybe they will decide not to repair it. it's not your fault they they bought a cheap stick. put the onus on them to understand that the repair is not worth the trouble. best to make them mad on the front end...
  5. Jack Flanagan

    CSI/Billiard Congress of America

    Island Drive, can you post a link to the news story/whatever about the settlement ? Here's two threads related to the BCA/BCAPL argument: . . J...wondered how this thing would...
  6. Jack Flanagan

    Keith Would have Crushed Them

    wow, 14 pages over a simple question! someone gets her dander up over some perceived "slight" to her man....geez, in the old days before the internet, a good fight in the pool hall would have solved this dilemma. _______________________________________ she must be happy or either smart and...
  7. Jack Flanagan

    Leather Break Tip ?

    I prefer a Sumo brand (water buffalo hide) tip. Just like all those late night kitchen gadget commercials; "Set it and forget it" PLus, it holds chalk well for me. . . APA SL4 and don't intend to
  8. Jack Flanagan

    Blades to cut tips

    these are the blades that I, cheap, & they occasionally are on sale for half this price:
  9. Jack Flanagan

    epoxy no stick material

    John, you can find remnants of different sizes in Delrin (Acetal) and UHMW on eBay. the offerings change on a daily basis. Just type in delrin (or acetal) (or UHMW) in the search block. Walmart or the like probably has kitchen cutting boards made from UHMW. check them out. . . J...nobody ever...
  10. Jack Flanagan

    Hightower Deluxe For Sale 9.5/10

    if no pics, at least give a list of what you actually have like this seller did... . . J...may be interested, if I know what all you have in the package...
  11. Jack Flanagan

    Is this lathe enough to do what i want?

    not much accuracy or power (a walking cane bumber & a 1 amp motor) in my humble opinion. make your own with an electric drill and some skateboard wheels from WalMart. . . J...most things in life are easy with a little imagination...
  12. Jack Flanagan

    Hightower Deluxe For Sale 9.5/10

    Yes, give us some pics & some info about what you actually bought and a little background info about yourself. no offense, but your first post on AZ is to sell something and we don't even know where you're from. I certainly would not bid on an ebay item if the seller had no feedback. . ...
  13. Jack Flanagan

    does anyone know.........

    take my word for it,'s acrylic. I spent a lot of time in the "plastic" lab while I was in college. some of the projects we had to do was internal carving in a block of acrylic. I never for get a smell ! acrylic can be machined, sanded, etc.....just have to keep the temperature down...
  14. Jack Flanagan

    New Law.... Did you know??

    didn't know you sold hats, My 2 cents worth sez we ain't got nothing to worry about. that news story with the "mom & pop" business is hype. we buy wood, paints, thinners, phenolics, etc. As long as we have MSDS sheets on anything not normally grown in nature, cuemakers should be in...
  15. Jack Flanagan

    Electricians I need a little advise

    beware of free advice, Chris. sent you a pm. did you ask this in the ICA forum ? . . j.....(jack of all trades, master of a few)
  16. Jack Flanagan

    Attention website owners: An offer.

    hey, a little exposure never hurts unless the police are links are in my signature....nobody will probably need the unless their Ford Explorer is broken. :grin-square: . . J...spending most of my time elsewhere (chasing wimmin !) edit:.....oops, the explorer...
  17. Jack Flanagan


    Cues are a helluva lot more useful than "Different Strokes for Different Folks" . . J
  18. Jack Flanagan

    Mark Griffin...big New Tour....whats Going On With That?

    he's prolly a victim of the "advertising for free" ban that this forum has on a select few people. geez, why don't they all just buy ad space or put their tourneys in the tournament section, or advertise their cues & machinery in the for sale section. all this "self promotion for free" clogs...
  19. Jack Flanagan

    Mike Howerton and Mr Wilson... *sigh*

    *sigh* if the OP is really from Georgia, then she would know the southern sexual connotation for the term, "duckbutter". but that would require "owning up" (admitting) to actually posting sexual content and that would be a bannable offense. there are other terms that we let slip into our...
  20. Jack Flanagan

    where in the world is Bert Schrager?

    For anyone who wants to read a few lines about Mr Schrager, go to the ICA website. He was inducted into our Hall of Fame in 2005. Here's the link: ..