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  1. danieldakota53

    What is the best way to get contact cement off a leather wrap?

    In NO WAY can a mist of wd40 on a paper towel rubbing lightly mess up ANY and I mean ANY of the auto clear finishes or water based finishes on a cue. Used it for many years, not one hick up, never made a scratch. False info.
  2. danieldakota53

    bad ass pool stuff...

    I race my sets one ball at a time... do you need the blue threw? If my balls are in your way, I would be glad to move them...
  3. danieldakota53

    I'm looking for set of collets and misc other parts for my cue companion lathe

    You can easily make them out of delrin, but for shaft / butt chucking into the head stock, black electrical tape works great if not better. Make sure you wrap the area 3-4 times, making sure the end where it stops doesn't overlap the end where u started, just short is great, and keep that small...
  4. danieldakota53

    Tool post bits

    Actually the best is a diamond wheel for sharpening carbide
  5. danieldakota53

    What is the best way to get contact cement off a leather wrap?

    Paper towel with a tiny mist of WD40, takes it right off
  6. danieldakota53

    Oil for MidSize Lathe

    way oil Mobil Vactra #2
  7. danieldakota53

    Leather wrap being too thick?

    I would not do either. I would repurchase a proper wrap blank from a quality supplier.Save the hassle.
  8. danieldakota53

    Most overpriced cue?

    all cues are overpriced to the buyer, and under priced from the seller.
  9. danieldakota53

    Best wood combination to make a (uncored) heavy cue with forward balance?

    My suggestion is a Non cored ebony,cocobolo or kingwood forearm, maple handle, and ebony,cocobolo or kingwood butt sleeve over the maple for your butt sleeve. This will allow 20-21 ounce, forward weighted cue with the balance point you desire is turned in a straight taper from joint to butt...
  10. danieldakota53

    Anyone uses Q Slick?

    I found the Q-Slick end results not to be to my liking. Much better results with the r-wax.
  11. danieldakota53

    Shaft maintenance process?

    Can be done by hand. Start with a magic eraser, rub up and down the shaft rotating shaft slowly in your hand on each up and down stroke. So if you go down in the stroke, spin cue slightly, go back up with a stroke, over and over. Until you are satisfied with the results. Start with 800 grit wet...
  12. danieldakota53

    L/F Bull nose live center

    What type of lathe are you needing the live center for?
  13. danieldakota53

    compressed air dryer

    How often do you evacuate your air tank? They sell quality air compressor filters with regulators on ebay for a very fair price. We have one of their systems, actually it is 4 filters in sequence in our line. The last one of the four having the regulator and it works flawless. We only paid...
  14. danieldakota53

    Shaft plug materials?

    I am saying nylon rod.
  15. danieldakota53

    Replacing a broken butt cap

    You can actually order from Joe at CueComponents as he sells them pre cut for joint size and butt size. Very handy and time saving for repairs.
  16. danieldakota53

    What is the best technic on getting the bubles out of epoxy

    -----> I would not shoot emron , the dangers to your health heavily outway the worth. Epoxy is a great long lasting finish, it just takes time. I hope this helps some.
  17. danieldakota53

    Shaft collar

    I said can easily be done, and I meant it. Reworking a shaft collar IS easy for a qualified repair person who has dealt with many. Wasn't meant to start a debate , but if a shaft collar causes someone major problems, you may wanna rethink working on cues. And as I stated, it is best to send butt...
  18. danieldakota53

    question regarding tone wood, and hit

    Let's just say hard maple ;)
  19. danieldakota53

    question regarding tone wood, and hit

    I really do not understand from a play ability standpoint why more cue makers are not building cues like this. The hit is so crisp, consistent and solid of a cue made from phenolic. If more people had a chance to hit a cue built in this way, you would see a much higher demand and popularity of...