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  1. murphys_law

    Need some red tip pads

    don't know the quality but seyberts lists they have red on hand.
  2. murphys_law

    Russ Espiritu

    I just pulled this from his website 601-825-7077
  3. murphys_law

    Looking for a new LD shaft

    1. I have been thinking about trying a 11.75mm 2. Thinking about it. 3. Your #2 is going to rule this out 4. They are cheaper than a Mez and what did they do? Haven't read anything about this. 5. Again #2 should rule this out. 6. Which ever shaft I end up will get either a Kamui or a G2 tip...
  4. murphys_law

    Looking for a new LD shaft

    How was the deflection between the 2?
  5. murphys_law

    Looking for a new LD shaft

    Any idea how the Mezz 700 stacks up to the 900? you are correct, on their site only have united joint or wavy joint for the ex pro.
  6. murphys_law

    Looking for a new LD shaft

    I currently have a McDermott I2 and an OB Classic that I have shot with for years. Well last night I swapped back to a regular maple shaft and realized after the first shot how dead LD shafts can be. So now I have an itch to find a new LD shaft that has a little more feel. I know I will never...
  7. murphys_law

    WTB: Predator 314 Shaft or OB Classic Shaft - 5/16 x 18 Joint

    I wish you were looking for 3/8x10. I have an ob classic that I didn't care for the way it hit.
  8. murphys_law

    It appears the person selling/producing fake Sugartrees is an AZ regular!

    I think we can add a fourth now Charles Scott April Edwards
  9. murphys_law

    I didn't trust my cue

    Absolutely!! A large part of pool is confidence that you can make a shot. When I switch cues before playing with in league I have to practice and run drills with them for days.
  10. murphys_law

    WTB universal adapters

    5/16x14 adapter on ebay
  11. murphys_law

    Finishing a partial shaft

    Thanks for the ideas guys! I had Jim Baxter finish the partial for me. He did a GREAT job!
  12. murphys_law

    JB case REVIEW

    Sorry not Tim Murphy. The case I wanted was a modified black knight case. The order process was initiated with Roy at I wanted quite a few things changed on the case so he directed me towards your order forum. That was filed out and I received an auto responder email from you...
  13. murphys_law

    JB case REVIEW

    Looks like the ordering process is still broke. I ordered a case back on May 5th and still haven't heard anything. Guess I will just have to go a different route.
  14. murphys_law

    Finishing a partial shaft

    Michael thanks!
  15. murphys_law

    Finishing a partial shaft

    I need recommendations for someone to finish a partial shaft for me. The joint doesn't need to match just a black collar. Was going to have the the original builder finish it and match the collar but can't get a hold of him and no returned calls. I am sorry, he does great work but bad...
  16. murphys_law

    Ariel Carmeli

    Well good to know thanks for the info. I just hope he isn't too difficult to get a hold of. I would really like to have the ring work match on the shaft.
  17. murphys_law

    Ariel Carmeli

    Has anyone been able to contact him?? I have been trying to get a hold of him for a couple days now. I have an OB classic partial shaft I want him to match to my cue but no answer on his phone, left a message and nothing.
  18. murphys_law

    Cue makers, What would you charge?

    skierlawyer that is an absolutely gorgeous cue!
  19. murphys_law

    New J/ps going out .

    Jim I just opened the package containing the snakewood j/ps and the pictures can not show how nice they really are!! Thanks again!
  20. murphys_law

    jb cases website

    That is weird now I am not having troubles. But thanks!