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    The old dinasour and carbon fiber

    carbon fiber shaft Nice job! PM sent.
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    Schmelke sneaky blank and leopardwood cues

    The two sneaky cues are made from Schmelke cocobolo and maple blanks. The leopardwood butt has the collar, rings and butt cap made of marblewood. Len Mitchell
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    14 or 15 Dufferin cues

    PM sent....................
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    Old Growth Curly Maple Shaft

    Very nice! Are you selling it?
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    Calling all electricians....

    Calling electricians The switch appears to be a Dayton 2X440. If you know how the old switch was wired, then your best bet is to determine which were connected in the forward and reverse positions. Then refer to a Dayton switch diagram to get the same fwd/rev connections. Search for "dayton...
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    Pool cue making supplies

    PM sent...
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    Dean"s Cue

    Dean's cue The shaft weighs 4.4 oz., butt weighs 14.4, and the extension weighs 6.9 oz. So the total is 25.7.
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    Dean"s Cue

    Finished Dean's cue. It has cherry burl with an extension. The shaft is conical.
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    Tulipwood and cherry burl cues

    Just finished these cues. One is tulipwood laminated with ebony colored WebbWood. The other has a segmented handle section of cherry burl with a purpleheart core and maple forearm.
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    Which CNC

    MicroKinetics Is anyone using MicroKinetics for inlay work?
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    Schmelke Blanks

    PM sent....
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    Lance Cowles, Cue Sports of Battle Creek

    Many thanks to Lance for helping me with the fundamentals of stance, bridge and stroke. Lance tailored the lessons for the game I play, eight ball. He answered all my questions and was able to demonstrate specific shots. Lance recorded the session so I am able to review at home and get the most...
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    Homemade cue holders

    Post pictures of your homemade cue holders. I made this one for league play. Len Mitchell
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    For Sale stuff PM sent...........
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    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    lacewood and marblewood/bocote cues I love seeing the unique cues ion this thread! Many thanks to those that posted. Here are my two most recent projects. Leonard Mitchell
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    DIY Cases

    Are there any members who have made their own cases? I would love to see pictures of homemade cases posted whether leather, wood or plastic.
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    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    Old and new self made cues My first cue cue project was a one piece Dymondwood butt to fit a Cuetec R360 shaft. The second cue is a 60" break cue with a Dymondwood shaft and butt with ebony. I have since lightened the breaker with a wrapped lighter handle section. My latest shooter is...
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    Purpleheart Cue Cue Gallery!

    Purpleheart shooter I just finished this cue. It has purpleheart with a Dymondwood handle and rings. The finish is Formby's tung oil. I made a shaft insert of Delrin and used Locktite plastic bonder epoxy to install it. Time will tell how it holds up. It is an attempt to duplicate the hit of a...