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  1. XXshotmakerXX

    5,000,000 hit on cornerstone another prize give away

    64372 Ober-Ramstadt, Germany
  2. XXshotmakerXX

    who will not love my Postman: Haley/Hellboy

    I see this collection in live and I'm still blind. that haley cue is a real stunner :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  3. XXshotmakerXX

    OMEN Cues

  4. XXshotmakerXX

    OMEN Cues

    a couple omen's
  5. XXshotmakerXX

    brothers cue sealed up and going to spray

    that is a real cool looking cue and the color harmony are very nice :thumbup: go in a poolhall and play with that cue and every heads turn in your direktion I wish I had now a little money left
  6. XXshotmakerXX

    5 aa honduran rosewood burl

    is that wood rare??
  7. XXshotmakerXX

    ***New cue from Pete Ohman***

    I love petes simple exclusivity I play my omen cue for about 3 years now and i know presently, his cues are exclusive professional shot instruments pete knows what is real custom cuemaking;)
  8. XXshotmakerXX

    Cousins Cue

    ok, you have shot this pic in amsterdam:D
  9. XXshotmakerXX

    Old Scholl Lovers fasten your Seatbelt again,10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1/PENG

    darren hill, but this cue looks very impressiv and very unique, great cue
  10. XXshotmakerXX

    My Three Hundredth Anniversary Cue.

    thats a cool cue, man and i know your cues shot death straight When you build cues, with long Butterflies, over the whole cue? greetz manfred
  11. XXshotmakerXX

    What is in your case? greetz manfred
  12. XXshotmakerXX

    What is in your case?

    thats my case and inventory
  13. XXshotmakerXX

    Pool has another fatal flaw

    the effect to outside it's all, the invitation to come and awaken curiosity. here's an design example of a poolhall and sportsbar from Germany in my hometown and the pool hall tournament trailer...
  14. XXshotmakerXX

    Pete Ohman 1st Box Cue (progress pic)

    as God created the world, he had at pete's quilted maple, an orgasm chocolate brown el-ear wrap?? pete's leather wraps are seamless awesome and stretched very well have fun drawman greetz from germany manfred
  15. XXshotmakerXX

    He is the Greatest Cueist!!

    normally he would long since dead, but the death has angst to say it
  16. XXshotmakerXX

    He is the Greatest Cueist!!

    when he speaking, then hears God or he never sleeps, he wait or he fills his piss in cans, we call this RED BULL
  17. XXshotmakerXX

    my daily match set

    thanks dude, is it not big gun enough? very, very unique, very rare woods and very special? you can not see every day here but when i have a tascarella real big gun, i hope on life long enough, then i will post pics. greetz manfred
  18. XXshotmakerXX

    my daily match set

    thanks a lot, i play that cue for now for 1 and 1/2 year, all shafts are great, but one shaft, is 4,3oz, is 1 of the best shafts i ever play, the cue with this shaft plays exorbitantly well with a great stiffness, but you can go soft as butter by the cueball and the balance is great slightly...