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    Mechanic in Colorado

    They are just getting rid of the old table #1 as far as I know to make room for a second Snooker Table.....
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    I have a pretty rare Judd Jump Break I would sell, let me know if you would like to see pics.
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    Ernie Martinez cues

    I live in Littleton and have a couple you could hit with if you just want to try one!!! Let me know, Greg
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    How much you asking for the Martinez Cue? 303-725-5195

    How much you asking for the Martinez Cue? 303-725-5195
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    What cloth?

    I just bought a 5X10 Brunswick Anniversary Snooker table and am getting ready to have it setup..... Looking for advice for Snooker Cloth for a home table. I would like to stay with the traditional Bright Green cloth, but not sure if I should go with Simonis or Strachan 6811, or if there are...
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    Of all celebrities that played pool characters in movies

    Mickey Rooney Seems I heard Mickey Rooney was a pretty good player...... Did anyone else hear that?
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    Colorado pool rooms open when?

    What to take..... Not sure if you are referring to Skeeter or not, but if so I know he will drink Fireball from time to time!!!!
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    Let's Post Some Joss West Cues

    Old School JW I let get away Here is a very old school JW that i got rid of, should have kept it. 5/16-18 Joint....pretty cool classic. Greg
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    Omen 4 Ponter Ebony with Snakewood Points

    Fire sale $ 900.00 $ 900.00 Shipped in CONUS!!!
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    Joe Salazar,the pool player

    Judd Fuller and Bakersfield Bobby A very good friend of mine, Mr Judd Fuller and myself were sitting around in his shop down in Southwest Colorado several years back and Judd told me a story about being on the road in California with Bakersfield Bobby Hernandez. He said himself, Bobby, and...
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    Cornhole vs Pool

    Maybe combining will help??? Cornhole is a much more physically demanding than pool.......after drinking 20 beers and bending over and picking up "bags" over a long session it takes its toll on you. The next day your hamstrings are killing you and your head hurts!!! Greg
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    Missing Gilbert Cue

    Similar Mishap I shipped a Southwest Priority USPS and put it in a PVC Tube and then inside a triangular box. Should have been to the guy in Idaho in two days, 6-7 days later, got a response it was in transit, then the box got there with no cue in it!!! I had the cue insured for $3,000 at the...
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    Pool Rooms With Golf Games

    Golf in Denver John, Still a couple of golf games in Denver, but not like it used to be...... They have a table at Felt down in Englewood, and there is a fair amount of golf action but the table is ridiculously slow to play golf on which makes it tough. Mr Skinner (whom I know you have...
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    JUDD cue questions

    Judd I drove out to Judd and Trudy's house a couple of weeks ago just to see how Trudy was doing. She is on oxygen when in the house and has to have a bottle just to walk to the garage. Not in the best health, but just as sweet as ever. I have a Judd that they made for me that I will NEVER...
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    Robert from Alaska?

    Rob from Alaska Rob is a nice Guy, plays pretty good and gentlemen to gamble with......does well for himself, but doesn't really like to bet much playing pool. I am guessing you guys played pretty cheap???
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    Omen 4 Ponter Ebony with Snakewood Points

    Nice Omen Cue This is a great deal from a top notch cue maker!!!
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    Brand New James White Shaft

    Nice James White shaft Brand New!!!!
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    Pair of Omen "Hoppe" Bumperless Ebony Birdseye

    Any trade interest I would consider trades or cash, still have these cues!!!
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    A true pool shrine..............

    Booches I agree, one of the best OLD SCHOOL rooms around.....and if they are as good as they used to be, the Burgers are greasy but out of this world!!!
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    My one pocket game

    Sounds like you are playing good...... You had to play pretty well to outrun Rick......I know how he plays. Maybe you and I could get together and try some that same way? I will give you 9-7 and we can go from there? I don't really get to play that much, it would be fun to give it a try...