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    Alex Brick Black Dymondwood Jump Cue

    Updating price on this one, lowered considerably.
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    Blackcreek Ebony Sneaky Pete with OB/Tiger Shafts

    Radial — apologies about that. I’ll edit the post, thanks!
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    Blackcreek Ebony Sneaky Pete with OB/Tiger Shafts

    Ruh roh — are they not loading or something?
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    Blackcreek Ebony Sneaky Pete with OB/Tiger Shafts

    Okey doke, gonna unload my player as well. Ebony / Birdseye Blackcreek Sneaky Pete Radial Joint 3 shafts, 2xOB Classic and 1xTiger X Ultra LD The two ob shafts both have kamui black mediums on them, not 100% on the tiger as I never really played with it. I don’t have weights off the top of my...
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    Super Aramith Pro - Like new

    Along with a few other things, gonna get rid of these as well — just not playing and don’t need additional stuff hanging around the table at home. Just cleaned and play like new, cue ball has never been played as I used a measles ball. $185 shipped in the ConUS. Pics located here...
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    Alex Brick Black Dymondwood Jump Cue

    Hiya folks! Unfortunately I'm unable to play these days as much as I used to, so going to be getting rid of a couple of things. I purchased this one new from Alex I believe (it's been a few years) and it's been very lightly used and very well taken care of, mostly in my case or played at home...
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    US Open Stream 10/22/16

    eh, if it were me I'd just play all of them that are remaining on the TV table. Start SVB/Dennis @ noon, play the hot seat match @ 2, semifinals @ 4, and then the finals @ 7. I'd much rather see SVB/Dennis than the hot seat, but I understand the prioritization.
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    Accu-Stats Apologies for Stream Yesterday: Problem May Be Solved for Today

    freezing up pretty badly for me today during shane's match -- any updates? ;\
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    FS: Klapp 6 Point Snakewood/Ebony - BEM/Spanish Bull Wrap

    Cue is in great shape and plays amazing, I've just moved on to playing with another cue and need to move this for another purchase. There are a couple of small dings on the buttcap but nothing major and nothing that affects play. 6 Alternating points, Snakewood and Ebony into very well...
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    Makers of pool tables

    Rasson tables? They did the bonus ball table iirc and are also what florian Kohler does his trick shots on in a couple of videos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Earl Crushes Morra in 9-Ball

    John said something to Earl about him talking while John was at the table shooting. It was like a 30 second scuffle between the two of them that was essentially "no YOU shut up" back and forth a few times. Wasn't a big deal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    OB + Delayed?

    I had Alex Brick build me an OB+ to match the ringwork on my cue, and he had additional ones in stock. May want to check with him.
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    New gilbert j/b

    Massive thanks to Sean (cueaddicts) for getting this one built to me. Took a while but well worth the wait. Birdseye maple and African blackwood with maple and blue ringwork. Plays great and looks phenomenal, couldn't be happier.
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    My new Alex Brick player

    afternoon folks. Just showed up in the mail today -- Koa and birdseye, I absolutely love it.
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    LTB Diamond 9' table light

    Anyone have a diamond light for sale? Please PM if you do. Thanks!
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    Alex Brick j/b vs bk3

    +1 for Alex being great to work with. I play with one of his jump cues and he's in the middle of building me a new playing cue. Nothing but good things to say about him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Volturi Case arrived!

    additional pics..
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    Volturi Case arrived!

    Took a bit longer than expected to get to me, but I'm extremely happy with what Roger put together for me. I know there's been some ...drama? around Volturi and JB and such lately and I'm staying out of that. I will say that to me the case is very comfortable to hold and I'm very happy with...
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    FS: Predator Air 2 Jump Cue

    Hey folks, I've got a predator Air 2 jump cue that's been hit about 6 times -- I was testing the cue out to see if I was interested in going with something lighter than my alex brick jump cue and I'm just not willing to give up my brick. Cue has no dings or marks and is in like brand new...
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    Steve Klapp's SUPER Wood!

    gotta join this club. absolutely loving the shafts (and the cue as well)