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  1. mark hansen

    WTB carom table, Chevillotte or Gabriels

    what price range for chevillotte are you hoping for, reply to my e-mail at
  2. mark hansen

    temp control chevillotte europa master

    I have the chevillotte Europa master, it has a bad thermostat controller, without buying a replacement from chevillotte as is too expensive, does anyone know of something that will work that can be got in the U.S.A and reasonable price? my e- mail address is
  3. mark hansen

    Help on Chevillotte Europa Master

    thanks for reply, yes I am aware of the temp sensor, what I am looking for is a replacement unit to include the temp sensor, such as possibly a heat thermostat for hydroponics maybe
  4. mark hansen

    Help on Chevillotte Europa Master

    Does anyone know of a good replacement temperature control box for the heating system ? if so, brand names and price would be a great help, thanks anyone
  5. mark hansen free Kozoom passes!

    please send me a pass, Thanks Ira
  6. mark hansen

    Chevillotte billiard table information needed

    heat system e-mail me at for details (all good news)
  7. mark hansen

    looking for a Z2 shaft

    looking for a Z2 shaft radial pin to fit a Capone 3.8oz to 4.0 oz.
  8. mark hansen

    What are the differences between carom cues and pool cues?

    differances on carom cues from pool cues Hi "Big Arm" pool cues can range from 58'' to 60'' lengths, the average weight for carom cues prefered is usually between 17 to 18ozs. the taper for pool shafts is usually prefered at 12.5 to 13 mm tip dia. and will taper to what is...
  9. mark hansen

    1970's Adam "Jim Rempe" 1 owner

    1970 Adam cue Just a note to any potential buyers, I had the opportunity to play a few raks with this cue and it plays just a bit better than it looks, it is awesome in both looks and playability, great condition and great price
  10. mark hansen

    Adrian Viguera Cues And Shafts Wanted Top Cash Paid

    Adrian's cues are you still looking for cues, I have primo 3-cushion cue 2 matched shafts all roll dead straight, can send pics to an e-mail address if you like, I'am needing to get 500.00 for this cue
  11. mark hansen

    carom items for sale

    anyone interested in any carom cues, cases, red wht. yellow non spot balls W/ 29000 miles on em, old Ivory collectable billiard balls in orig. brunswick case with instructions( real collectable) cases ????
  12. mark hansen

    OB1 Radial pin shaft

    bump for a trade, still looking for radial Z2
  13. mark hansen

    OB1 Radial pin shaft

    will trade a radial pin OB1 for a radial predator Z2
  14. mark hansen

    Predator P3 for Trade

    trade for p3 predator I have custom Miltonio cue by Milt Hyman, cue is perfect condition, I have it posted for sale, my name is Mark Hansen would trade it straight across, tried replying to you with this offer once but do not know if it went through, thanks
  15. mark hansen

    Miltonio Cue

    cue is still for sale or trade as of 5/19/11
  16. mark hansen

    Schuler SLC butt

    cue has sold, thanks for looking
  17. mark hansen

    Schuler SLC Butt

    this is a bran new Schuler Butt for sale, no dings, no scratches, butt only, shaft was sold off seperatly, have an interest please e-mail me at price is 250.00 ( CUE HAS SOLD)
  18. mark hansen

    Schuler SLC butt

    bump this cue, bran new
  19. mark hansen

    Schuler SLC butt

    Schuler Slc butt for sale 250.00 send me e-mail for details at this bran new won it in raffle
  20. mark hansen

    Miltonio Cue

    bumping this Q one more time, still available