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  1. Rattlesnake

    Scruggsinhand Wanted!!

    Bump it up!!!
  2. Rattlesnake

    FS: Skip Weston

  3. Rattlesnake

    FS: Chris Nitti Cue

    I tried this cue before.. Nice and sweet hitting cue.. And 6 Verneers!! :eek: But too bad.. I love my Skip more.. Good Luck for the sale dude!
  4. Rattlesnake

    Scruggsinhand Wanted!!

    Great.. Keep us updated. Good Luck!!
  5. Rattlesnake

    i need a wrap soon.. who does them?

    Try JW Petree.
  6. Rattlesnake

    FS : Custom Klein $375 shipped.

    Bump !!!!!
  7. Rattlesnake

    Scruggsinhand Wanted!!

    I'm very sure you are reading this. Brian, You promised Thomsont and poolchady the refund after 17th November but until now no news at all. C''s very unfair to them. You really owe everyone an explanation.
  8. Rattlesnake

    My Next Snake Skin Wrap?

    Didn't know they play pool so early back then.. I wonder do they use any ivory on their sticks.. :D
  9. Rattlesnake

    Predator BK2 $300 shipped *New*

    No Problem..Anytime.. :)
  10. Rattlesnake

    Predator BK2 $300 shipped *New*

    This may help. :) Predator BK2
  11. Rattlesnake

    Predator BK2 $300 shipped *New*

    Your title reads "Predator BK2 $300 shipped *New*" but your pic shows a BK1 instead. :D
  12. Rattlesnake

    Snakewood Carmelli

    Pm sent...
  13. Rattlesnake

    Tim Scruggs, my newest friend

    David, are the pics for the Skip Weston ready? Can't wait to take a glimpse of it.
  14. Rattlesnake

    Resolution between Skip Weston and Salamander

    Glad that things turn out well.
  15. Rattlesnake

    if you could....

    Dennis Searing and Barry Szamboti
  16. Rattlesnake

    Leather Wrap installed on your cue.

    One word to describe it... Perfect!
  17. Rattlesnake

    Leather Wrap installed on your cue.

    JW, any pics of rattlesnake skins available? Get back to me. Thanks
  18. Rattlesnake

    Nicknames (another topic from the past i know)

    Sorry but that is mine too. :mad: