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    Wrapless cue

    I have a few available - two Spitz and one Cohen. You can PM your price range to me also.
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    3/8x11 joint protectors

    Try Jim Baxter on this site.
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    Cue build

    Good luck in your search. Just sent a pm if you willing to look at a used cue. Harry
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    Becue Prime M Shaft

    Just sent a PM, or since the site update - started a conversation.
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    L/F a New Cue - Cash in Hand

    Just started a conversation with you. Harry
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    WTB: Cohen Cue

    I bought this one last year from sureman183. I was thinking of replacing my older Fanelli but decided to keep it. If you have any interest, pm me and we can talk. Harry
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    WTB Wrap-less Custom Cue

    Sent you a pm this morning.
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    WTB Whitten case 2x4 what's out there

    PM sent.
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    WTB whitten Case 2x4 or Larger

    PM sent.
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    Wanted JB Rugged case 2x3 or 2x4

    Kevin, I have a JB Rugged Ultra - black 2x5/3x4. If you're interested PM me with your email address and I can send you pics, pricing, etc. Harry
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    JB Rugged or Ultimate Rugged 3x4

    Hi Stu, I have a 3x4 JB Ultimate Rugged case. It's all black with a blue interior. If you're interested, pm me with you email address and I can send some pics Harry
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    looking for a wrapless full splice with veneers

    PM sent. Harry
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    I have a becue dark matter break cue - like new.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    The engine is in the back & it's air cooled. So no radiator - front, back or, middle.
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    I be back ...

    Hi Jim, we're going to miss you around here. I liked checking out your jp's and cues in the for sale forum and even bought a few over the years. Best of Luck on your operation and sale of your shop. Harry
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    Who is making CF complete cues?

    You may want to check out the becue website for their sneaky pete design - they're hand painted. If you have a specific design in mind, they probably could do a custom. Good Luck, Harry
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    WHERE and HOW

    Hi Jim, Your post is in the Wanted/For Sale forum (the parent forum). I don't know how to do it, but maybe you can just move it from there to the For Sale sub forum. Hope there's somebody who does a lot of for sale postings who can help you get it moved. Harry
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    WTB Wrapless Sugartree or similar

    Not Sugartrees, but I have a couple of Spitz wrapless cues that I haven't used since I bought a Becue 2 years ago. One is rosewood and the other is ziricote & both are full splice with some interesting ringwork. Looking for $1200 for either one. If you have any interest, I can post pics and specs.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    A New Jersey Bernie meme.
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    WTB: Play Great Pool Book pay up to $150.00

    How do you identify a first publishing edition? I thought it was one printing in 2013.