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  1. ArgMarks

    Revo 12.9 3/8x10

    Revo 12.9 modified by Kent Davis to fit a 3/8x10 pin. Has a SIB Pro/Soft Tip. $old
  2. ArgMarks

    Revo 12.9 3/8x10

    Delete- dupelicate
  3. ArgMarks

    WTB Custom Cue w/ PurpleHeart

    LTB Purpleheart cue , show me what you got, looking for custom cues only and not looking to spend more than $1200.
  4. ArgMarks

    FS/ Four Very Early Predator Cues

    I actually have a 314-3 myself that I have been thinking about selling but dont really want to part with it. I bought it 4 years ago off of Tommy who was a member here and passed away. Cue plays lights out!
  5. ArgMarks

    OnQ Case - 2x4 - Black Lizard w/ Ringtail Inlay

    Nice . Thanks for the info.
  6. ArgMarks

    OnQ Case - 2x4 - Black Lizard w/ Ringtail Inlay

    On Q Case -2x4 Base Material: Black Lizard Secondary Leather Inlay: Ring-tail Lizard / Red Leather Hardware: Silver Accessories: Top and Side Handle Towel Finger Loop Removable Shoulder Strap Stainless Steel Case Feet Initials are on the lid - MDJ Got the case from a friend, he never...
  7. ArgMarks

    LD Shafts - 314 Precat / Mezz WD700 5/16 14

    No, unless you take the threaded insert out and have someone re-tap it or put in a new insert to match what you need. im guessing a cue builder should be able to handle that.
  8. ArgMarks

    LD Shafts - 314 Precat / Mezz WD700 5/16 14

    $old and $old
  9. ArgMarks

    Leon Sly Crown Sneaky + Predator 314 (PreCat) & Mezz Wd700

  10. ArgMarks

    fast&loose US OPEN 9 BALL SALE!

    Have a few of these shirts. Good quality shirts, prints do not peel, color does not fade.
  11. ArgMarks

    Zan Tips For Sale

    I have 1 Hybrid left.
  12. ArgMarks

    Ariel Carmeli Wrapless Plain Jane

    Wrapless Ariel Carmeli Cocobolo handle with Fiddleback Maple Minor clear blemish near the rubber on the buttcap 1 shaft only. Here are the specifications from the cue. Butt-15.25oz Shaft-3.45oz Balance Point is 17.75in Shaft diameter 12.47mm $old
  13. ArgMarks

    2 Bk2 wrapless butt for sale

    I got 2 butts for sale, I'll add weight specs but 1 is brand new condition. And the other has a bunch of dings. I don't have the shafts as they both broke. Make offer on the butt ends and I'll let them go. BOTH SOLD!
  14. ArgMarks

    WTB Diamond 7' ProAm or Smart - SoCal

    Just like title says - looking for a 7' Bar size Diamond, prefer Blue edition. I would consider a Red edition for the right price, but I am not interested in paying market price of a blue for a red edition. FOUND ONE, BOUGHT ONE! PM me -Alex
  15. ArgMarks

    Zan Tips For Sale

    Zan Tips for sale Regular series $20 + $3 shipping Premium Series $25 + $3 shipping I currently have: Regular Soft Regular Medium Premium Soft Premium Hybrid More available than I have in the pics. Running low on Grip Hard right now but I should be getting a large shipment next...
  16. ArgMarks

    FS! Tony Guerra Highly Figured Cocobolo Birdseye Player!SW rings! Matching Extension!

    Seen and hit balls with this thing. Hits crisp.
  17. ArgMarks

    Mezz Wd700 3/8 10 for sale

    Got a Mezz wd700 for sale. Will add specs and pic later. pm if interested Tip: Zan regular soft 3/8 10 Tip diameter 11.83mm sold sold sold
  18. ArgMarks

    Also looking for a 3/8 10 Mezz 700/900 or 314 shaft -

    just like the title says - I am lookin for a wd700, wx700, will consider the 900 , 314 shaft will work too - must be 3/8 10 -
  19. ArgMarks

    Looking for a Molinari Glove

    great glove - i bought one not too long ago - compared it to a kamui - almost the same thing - here is where i got it -
  20. ArgMarks

    LTS/LTT Gold Crown II - SoCal

    Monday Bump.