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    Do We Really Need Perfect Racks in 9 Ball?

    Pool is an odd sport in which rules for some tend to dominate over having fun playing the game. I play hockey and softball and we don’t care less about professional rules. We make up rules for our house leagues to suit whatever seems best for us. When we were kids we made up our own rules for...
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    Free Connolly Pool Table in Vermont.... Somebody snap this up

    This should be pinned with extra stars around it.
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    Free Connolly Pool Table in Vermont.... Somebody snap this up

    In my city there is a free Pool table at least once a week...usually with cues, balls, etc. I’m also ‘guessing’ the half dozen for sale at $500 or less would be be free if someone called a week later and offered to hall it away. Same with pianos. Every so often I look at the local billiard...
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    What does it mean to support a specific billiard company?

    I suppose but if I buy a cue made in a town in Szechuan, China it means one less cue made in a town Guzurst, India. The free market means that a manufacturer of goods will survive that meet ‘my needs’. I’m the customer. I drive a Toyota and use Apple products...if they no longer meet my...
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    anybody shoot with an ash shaft?

    I’ve played guitar for 52 years. There is no ‘best’. Way too many individual variables. I can play better on $200 Fender style Squier than a $3000 Gibson. For others, it would be the reverse. I can ‘dabble’ on a violin ( 3 years of excruciating lessons) but give me a Nova Scotia fiddle any...
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    What does it mean to support a specific billiard company?

    What ‘product’ are you speaking of? I play every day but haven’t spent more than $5 on new billiard equipment in a decade and was for chalk.
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    anybody shoot with an ash shaft?

    52 years playing Snooker. Ash and Maple cues. I can’t tell any difference. If any difference less than between two cues of the same wood. Bigger variable between two cues is the general feel, Taper, balance, and especially the tip. My current cue (14 years) is ash but many in our league...
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    Operation: Bar Box Rescue

    Great table. I’d approach this as a fun and rewarding project. Like restoring a beater car. Good for thr brain and soul. Not all that expensive in the scheme of things. Fun to research and learn as you go. More rewarding end product if you do it all yourself.
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    Inside on rail shots?

    I like the spirit of this post. Even as a geophysicist I never get out a protractor and slide rule and start doing calculations for ‘the perfect angle and spin’. Even if reduced to the mathematical certainty, it doesn’t mean I have robotic accuracy to execute. Over the decades I know what...
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    Inside on rail shots?

    What table and pocket cut? Russian Pyramid? Snooker? English Pool? American Pool? Chinese 8 ball? A ball Frozen on the rail on most tables is played completely different than one not frozen. ‘Wobblies’ only sink on American tables. In Snooker, Russian pyramid, etc. object ball need Spin...
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    For those Dart and Snooker fans

    Fun as a novelty. Gives me an Idea. There’s always good quality dart boards for sale at the local Thrift store for $5 or so. I’m going to get one and redo the facing with some billiard theme. I can interchange it with my regular dart board when friends come over. I can beat or can hold my...
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    Playing With My Billiard Dolls>>

    I’ve played in Snooker clubs that look like that. Except in Shanghai instead of the blonde Snooker Twins they have Asian girls dressed up classy as if going to a ball. New James Bond movie. ‘The Spy who Chalked his Cue‘
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    what percentage of shots do you hit with open/closed bridge?

    The 132 snooker players on the official tour use open bridge nearly of the time. 999/1000 shots, minimum. My observation. Most kids (like me) started playing on a snooker table with adults who played snooker. From the start we were given informal instruction. Few snooker players started...
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    what percentage of shots do you hit with open/closed bridge?

    100% open. No opinion on closed bridges. Just never use one in over 50 years of playing.
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    Shadow Box

    I have a lot of display cases in my ‘museum’ for various collections. I get most of my display cases for a couple dollars at the thrift stores. For something thin like a billiards cue There could be an older picture frame with a bit of depth to it. There’s usually odd shaped picture frames...
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    More english with a heavy cue?

    I get more out of an open bridge. However, it’s more due to my lack of experience using a closed my technique likely isn’t as efficient. Some players who mostly use an open bridge will use a closed bridge when breaking or When tight against a rail at a difficult angle.
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    More english with a heavy cue?

    That’s a good question asked in an intelligent way. Theoretical physics ...yes vs applied As a geophysicist I’d answer ‘it depends’. I personally get more Spin and action using the 9.5 tip on my Snooker cue. However, this is from it being more more efficient in the use of...
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    The Ten Greatest Players Of All Time

    An ok list for American Pool if ‘greatest’ isnt about performance. Otherwise Minnesota Fats wouldn’t be in the top 200. 2 of them might make the list for all Pool None for ‘Billiards’.
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    The Strange Realities Of Hustling Pool For A Living July 22, 2017

    Thanks for posting. Got some chuckles. My experience after playing 51 years: 99% of pool hall stories are ‘fantasy’. I believe ‘none’ of them. Mostly told by older guys long past their prime suffering from the effects of dead brain cells from too much alcohol. ‘’I remember when... ..,’A...