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  1. CaleAYS

    BK Rush Max Weight ?

    Not a rush, but I know someone who tried making his pred player as heavy as possible. It got to around 22oz before no more bolts would fit. This was also using some extra 1oz or 2oz weight bolts I had, I’m not sure if you could get that heavy with what comes in the kit.
  2. CaleAYS

    Sold Aramith Black Measle Ball

    Aramith Black measle ball. Has maybe an hour of play on it. I just don’t use it. Comes with carrying case. Asking $sold shipped. PayPal FF or Venmo. Thanks. Will trade for some v10, Taom break tips or Zan playing tips.
  3. CaleAYS

    DCC Banks - three left

    He lived here in Nashville for awhile. He moved to Texas about 2 years ago. Houston area I believe.
  4. CaleAYS

    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    Road to the finals for both players. FSR Rohit Aggarwal 9-0 Jere Virtaranta 9-8 Jani Uski 9-1 Ralf Souquet 9-4 Wu Kun Lin 9-8 Chang Jung Lin 10-5 Alex Kazakis 10-8 Carlo Biado 11-10 Lechner Chad Bazinet 9-5 Alan Rolon Rosado 9-5 Daniel Guttenberger 9-8 Pijus Labutis 9-2 Jonas Souto Comino 9-4...
  5. CaleAYS

    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    Not sure what you think you saw but they clearly shake hands and no heated exchange lol
  6. CaleAYS

    Budget friendly cues that use unilock joint?

    Lucasi has quite a few uni loc cues
  7. CaleAYS

    Sold Cuetec Breach Ghost Edition

    Price lowered. Reasonable offers considered.
  8. CaleAYS

    Sold Cuetec Breach Ghost Edition

    Cuetec Ghost Edition Breach. 18oz. Owned for about a month. Nothing wrong with it, great shape. Comes with original box and wipes. $SOLD shipped. PayPal FF only. I have plenty of positive feedback and references if needed. Any questions please PM. Thanks.
  9. CaleAYS

    Sold Lucasi Uniloc shaft

    Lucasi Zero Flexpoint shaft. Uniloc Pin. 12.75mm. Original Everest tip. 4oz. Shaft is in great/like new condition. Got it brand new two months ago in a deal. Hit maybe ten balls with it and it’s been in the case ever since. Only sign of use is chalk residue on the tip. Custom joint protector...
  10. CaleAYS

    Omega TV formal request, I'm begging!!!!

    I quit buying the Omega streams because of the commentary. Not buying something if I have to watch it on mute. I actually enjoyed the two non pro guys they used to have who’s names I can’t remember. They kept it light, fun and entertaining.
  11. CaleAYS

    Sold Samsara Wrapless with Extension

    Still available. Would trade for a Barnhart widow with leather wrap.
  12. CaleAYS

    Sold Samsara Wrapless with Extension

    Pin is Radial. Sorry, I edited the post to include that. I haven’t had the original shaft for some time. I will sell the butt and extensions only if you don’t want the predator shaft. PM if you’re interested.
  13. CaleAYS

    Sold Samsara Wrapless with Extension

    Samsara Cocobolo and Curly Maple. Radial Pin. Shaft is a Predator 314-2 with matching ringwork done by Samsara at original 12.75mm with a Zan Meduim tip. Comes with two extensions. 8” and 4” which are stackable to make 12”. Butt is in fantastic shape with no dings or dents. Shaft has light...
  14. CaleAYS


    For what it’s worth, Emily commented on the video posted.
  15. CaleAYS

    Hand flip's and such!

    Mika is a diva. Always has been. It’s a bummer cause I like his style of play but his attitude and antics makes him impossible to route for. One of my favorite matches from the TAR days was Shane going to Mika’s home room when Mika was basically at the top of his game and absolutely giving him...
  16. CaleAYS

    GO Customs jump cue is excellent - quirky jump question?

    I got a GO jumper in January and I agree it’s a great product. Other than pushing out to a jump after the break I can’t recall anyone playing shape for a jump that I’ve seen but I’m sure there has been weird situations where it was done.
  17. CaleAYS

    US OPEN Championships $45,000 Added Las Vegas April 3-14, 2022

    He declined an invite to the World Championship also which is in the UK. I think the only top Filipino on the list was Dennis. The Filipinos might still have trouble getting into UK. Purely a guess here, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if he’s staying in the US as long as possible if he’s...
  18. CaleAYS

    Morra vs Styer - race to 25 10 ball

    Read that Tyler won. 25-21 or something close to that.
  19. CaleAYS

    Which Jump Cue?

    Like a few others have said, once you learn how to jump, the cue really doesn’t matter, you can jump with anything, some cues just make it easier. The Air 2 is a fine jump cue. I currently use a Go Customs jump cue and that thing is like stealing.