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    Derby City Classic

    Playing Pool with the ''PEARL''and loose!! Im Down ON the the game ball and he walks up to me starts yelling at me why? Nothing never happens to the pearl or who ever so if the PEARL can do it then why cant I!!! You tell and you are a RAT!! So the rules need to be changed some where? NO never...
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    Black leather chalk pouch

    holder so do you have the holders in brown color? thx 3213550466 leave mess or tex...ACe
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    Tournament Listing Tips......

    Big Truck this is ACE is called you the other night about the clam.. you know who the nice guy well im working on some stuff and will let you know what up when ready thx for your ear!!! You are the best and kept up the GREAT '' work... ACE
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    GROVERS--Hip Pocket

    How big is the store? sf.. size .. is it over 5000 or less
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    6 Pt Omen Coco and BEM

    ohman :cool::cool::cool: this is a very clean stick got one like this and you have a very good price for this six point. Good luck with the sale..
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    FS older schon sl-7 with sharp diamond inlays

    schon is it still up for sale... for 475 let me know.... asap :cool::confused:
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    Ginacue 8 pt loaded*************

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    Fs: Two pete omen j/b*******

    Ohman sticks Ohman sticks all very nice i have THREE and one brake stick and will never sale them'' LOVE THE BRAKE STICK THE OHMAN MADE FOR ME IT IS SWEET MADE BY PETE. ( your price is on the money ) GOOD LUCK!!
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    F/S Titlist Conversion

    Titlist Conversion Sweet stick
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    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> McWorter -- Ebony Into Sapele 6 pointer -- MINT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Gorgeous stick!!!! That is all I have to say.
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    FS Southwest

    swest send me a pm as to your lowest price.
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    ~~ooo~~ SCRUGGS custom cue. lotsa IVORY.. CHEAP.. fs.. ~~oo~~

    ts like to talk about the stick ... please call me at 321-806-0088 aroud 1pm or 2pm sunday if you can i will be by phone where im at the phone dont work sometimes i will stay in the area so please do call me thx..real cowboy.....
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    Chris Byrne bridgepoint cue for sale.

    sticklll i wanted that stick can make me one? :thumbup:
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    Paul Mottey Cue for Sale Burl / leather 2shafts

    pm stick tg this is bb if you dont sell the stick in 2 wks call me and.
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    Pierce Custom Cues Bacote 4 Point(2 high 2 low) Beauty

    stick price very nice just looking for a stick like this how much more for x shaf
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    what does it cost for a wrap?

    How much should an ostrich wrap cost for materials and labor? OR JUST LABOR ONLY?:smile:
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    Diamond smart table...

    table need 9ft diamond help find thx
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    Omen cues !!!

    omen cues is my pick all the time
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    Best Break Cue

    I have a pete ohmen j/b. 5 years it is so nice an love it still. Break cue that breaks well and great for long strong jump shot''' Pete Ohman Cues is 1 of the top cue makers''