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    The L-drill poll

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    How many Cues do you own today

    A few schons, a bob frey, a mezz, a predator, 3 jump cues, a bk rush. Used to have lots of random cues but got rid of them, I don’t care about equipment anymore. I do have like 50 different gloves though lol, and lots of tips. Lots of shafts too.
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    Lots of APA Drama Lately

    Only 2 incidents I had: once I was playing terrible and needed like 46 or 44 balls and he needed 1. I came back and won. He picked up the cb and threw it on the table it bounced off the table and hit a wall. I just walked away. He never apologized. The other instance was an SL6/7 losing 8b to...
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    How do you train beginner beginner?

    I was asked to train a league level 1 player who couldn’t win a match. The lady who showed up looked like she’s been playing for 2 weeks total. Complete beginner. We went over fundamentals from scratch, bridge hand, stroke, mental game, alignment, stance, aiming system.. She listened carefully...
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    Predator Aerorack

    I have one, picked it up in Vegas for a 100 bucks. Rarely use it but it looks cool. I mostly use my wooden diamond rack while practicing and magic rack while playing.
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    When Using the Term ‘Cheap Sets’ - How much $/Set Does That Mean?

    To me “cheap sets” means 100-200 race to 5-7. Sometimes $50 race to 2-3. But there’s always that one ahole who says cheap sets and turns out he means 4K in the middle.
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    Carbon Fiber Break Shaft Tip

    1. Taom, 2. Samsara 3. White Diamond. In that order. Unless you’re an elite pro it doesn’t matter much. You’re not breaking dry cause of the tip.
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    Non-Layered Tips

    Sky & John S. were using techno dud which is not layered. Honestly there are so many good layered tips on the market now. The Ko brother’s tip is my favorite at the moment not just cause my fave pro Mickey Krause likes it. Kamui black soft is ok, G2 medium is ok, etc. Even Predator’s victory is...
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    Gil Castillo leather butterfly 2x4 case

    I got like 7 offers so far..
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    Gil Castillo leather butterfly 2x4 case

    Used, high-end case, real leather. SOLD
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    Efren playing with Predator Z3? :O

    I’m gonna get hate for this. I love Efren, but last time I saw him play in person he couldn’t make a ball. I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. It’s not even the question of if he still got it, it’s a question of if he still cares, and I respectfully think he doesn't care about pool...
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    Jump Shots - Form or Cue?

    You can jump over a ball easily with almost any jump cue but the speed control will be different. My Alex Brick jumps way more than my Hanshew. It’s way heavier. I used to hate my Hanshew cause you can’t change the tip, now I love it. It’s as light as the Propel and the airrush. If you’re an...
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    Joe Rogan / Fedor Gorst

    I DM’d Joe to produce it since I’ve won awards for film direction and can make a ball. I’m sure 100s of others messaged him as well : ) It doesn’t need to be a matchroom event, we could build a project from scratch.
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    Oscar vs. Schmidt 10 ahead one pocket, streaming

    One of these two told me when I was at his house “I’m the best one pocket player in California”. I rather not say which one but I agree with him.
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    This is why Fargorate Fails...

    A good buddy of mine Is 640 and have ran 5 packs many times on a barbox.
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    Missed the money ball. Why?

    I literally mentioned the Lion in my og post thanks
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    Missed the money ball. Why?

    Just saw an old Mosconi cup clip of Rodney Morris SCREAMING at his teammate ( Justin Bergman ) hill hill money ball. Rodney wanted Justin to shoot it before he has time to dog it. Dennis O. does that too. Justin asks for extension and Rodney yells shoot it here. Here’s the clip: Rodney yells...