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    It’s my bday 12/29

    B Belated Happy Birthday
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    Gus Szamboti

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    Sold Beautiful 4 Pointer Ebony PurpleHeart Chris Nitti

    That’s a beautiful cue. GLWS
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    I’d like to give a shoutout to AZ’s own,Adam Orr, aka ribdoner. I had the pleasure of lunch and an incredibly kind gesture from Adam this week. His knowledge of pool and pool’s history and players is incredible. Adam is a treasure to the pool community. The world at large needs more Adams. It’d...
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    Sold Joey Bautista for sale

    If you will email me at or text me at 731-307-7562 I will email or text you photos. Thanks
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    Sold Joey Bautista for sale

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    Sold Joey Bautista for sale

    I am offering up for sale my playing cue. The Butt is Purpleheart with a Maple handle,Buckhorn joint collar, and weighs 15.5 oz. The joint is 3/8-11 brass. There are 3 Maple shafts, also with Buckhorn collars, weighing 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9 oz respectively. The tips are Triangle Mediums. Joint...
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    Shaft Wax

    I have been using Qwax but ordered a couple of tins of the Craftsman. Interested in seeing how they compare.
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    Joey Bautista

    GLWS. Somebody’s gonna be really happy with this cue.
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    Sold Jack Colavita Balabushka Cue w/ Whitten Case

    WOW!! Wowx2!! GLWS. Incredible cue
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    when did tables go from 10 to 9 ft.? what were the circumstances?

    COOL!! Thanks,I had no idea.
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    when did tables go from 10 to 9 ft.? what were the circumstances?

    Thanks.Sorry that I wasn't better informed.
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    when did tables go from 10 to 9 ft.? what were the circumstances?

    Glenn,Can I bear my ignorance with a question I am guessing everybody here already knows? You made reference to King Cobra coin operated tables in the post above.Do you manufacture or offer modified tables? If so is there a website to check them out. I am in Tn. so logistically it may be an...
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    when did tables go from 10 to 9 ft.? what were the circumstances?

    That is a beautiful place!!
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    Sold Sweet Scruggs Titlist

    Tim and Mike built extraordinary cues and were as good of folks as you could ever hope to meet.
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    Sold Sweet Scruggs Titlist

    The cue is incredible.Tim and Mike originally built that cue for me.Life happened and I had to sell it. Were I not retired I be all over it. Absolutely beautiful and plays just as good. Exceptionally good shaft wood.
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    Vacuum for table

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    Vacuum for table

    Delete please.Sorry.Asked and answered elsewhere.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone out there in AZ land. Have a safe and happy holiday.
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    Happy Christmas to everybody. Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!!