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    12 Ft, Snooker Table

    I am in need of a table mechanic that can cover a 12 Ft snooker table. I live in Murfreesboro Tennessee and would appreciate any references anyone could suggest. Sam Rowland and Alex Webb are the 2 known mechanics and don't cover snooker tables. I know this is a long shot but thought I would...
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    i have a brand new predator air jump cue i would be willing to trade for the BK Break cue . If...

    i have a brand new predator air jump cue i would be willing to trade for the BK Break cue . If interested
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    Anybody Else Heard That JOB Billiards will no longer be in business after this year ?

    I went to the Music City Open this past weekend and while talking to a friend he informed me that the property where JOB's is located had been sold and is going to be torn down and supposedly a mall is going to be built there. Anybody know if this is true or just rumor ? It would be a shame to...
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    Good hit or a bad hit?

    I thought it was a bad hit . You barely nicked the 1 ball in my opinion. Good shooting by the both of you !
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    PPV - May 30 - June 4th Rocket City Open Pro One Pocket & 9 Ball

    Tournament Tables At the Rocket City Tourney what size tables are they using for each event ?
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    Alex vs. SVB Tar Match ( the Alex comeback)

    Looking to purchase the Tar match between Alex and Shane where Alex makes the great comeback. i have tried the Tar website but isn't offered. if anyone has this dvd for sale and would like to sale it my e-mail address is Thanx alot and have a Great Xmas !!!
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    Question About a Diamond 9 ft. Table

    Thanks in advance for any help i receive. I am buying a used 9 ft. Diamond table and have been told the pockets are pro cut and measure 4 1/4 or 4 3/8. My question : Is there a way to get these pockets back to the original size which I think is 4 1/2 ? I dont think these pockets have been...
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    Are tables available to play on at the derby and at what cost

    Wondering if i were to take my cues if there are tables available to shoot on with friends and if they have mini tournaments ? What is usually the cost if there are tables to play on? Thanks in advance !
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    Alex Pagulayan going to UK to try pro snooker

    30 or 40 points as a b player? I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I don't care if you are an a+ player you are not gonna drill a 12 ft regulation snooker table. If you think you can You can just bet what you want an you can get faded. I doubt you could consistently run 50 points on any 12 ft...
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    16 Players Put up $2000 each. Race to 21 Who Will win it???

    Pinegar not enough talent are you kidding me? I cant believe you say that Johnathan Pinegar does not have enough talent. I don't believe he has fully recovered from his accident but i promise you he has the talent and if he is gets the break going and hits that gear he can beat anybody on the...
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    TAR 39 The Last Waltz

    Last Waltz Just wanted to say thanks for all the enjoyment you have given me the last 7 years ! Also Thanks to Mark and most of all Thanks to Nasty. Never had the pleasure of meeting you but listening to Justin speak about you I wish i had. Good Luck in your future endeavors. We all will miss...
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    Congrats To Rob Saez !!!

    Rob Saez has won his first Music City Open contending against the strongest field ever. Way to go Rob !
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    Music city results

    music city open johnny archer is currently playing Shane Mcminn for third place winner plays rob saez and has to double dip him for the championship. Britney Bryant won the ladies final. she double dipped Dana Aft for the women's title. Corey Duel won the midnight madness last night defeating...
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    Mid nite madness winner?

    midnite madness Corey Deuel won the midnite madness. 11-4 against former speed pool champion Bobby Mcgrath.
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    American Rotation Tournament

    Any ideas on the best way to hold a tournament playing American Rotation? Trying to get people interested in this great game. Should It be handicapped to get more people interested? How would you start an in house league?
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    Us open 10ball and 8ball

    Cyclop Billiard Balls In my opinion the people that are complaining about the different balls are making a mountain out of a mole hill. We should be glad that we have a person like Mark that continues to keep investing and working hard for players to have a tournament to play in and don't have...
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    Best practices for watching streaming pool on a TV

    streaming with roku box I'm thinking about purchasing a ROKU box and i wanted to know if I will be able to stream the Tar matches with this box. I have been told that the box would not stream things that were PPV unless has an app for that event or channel. I'm not to good when it comes to...
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    Your APA stats

    strong stats Mr. Uwate plays really strong. I believe I have seen him at the u.s. amateur and he plays really well!
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    Tennessee 9-ball Open at 4:00 pm today

    Live stream from Murfreesboro Tn. Go to ustream and type in volsfan !!!
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    Tar Page Not Refreshing On My Tablet

    I bought an HDTV Adapter to connect my Samsung Galaxy Tablet to my television to watch the match but the tar screen wont let me purchase the match. When I touch the screen it does nothing. Just wondering if my tablet has anything to do with it. I have watched every match on it with no...