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  1. sellingboe

    WTB: Brunswick GC1 plastic apron skirts

    Did you ever find these? I have some for an 8 footer
  2. sellingboe

    Age vs Experience

    Ok, I accept that. What are the "too many" to which you are referring? I get hand/eye. Beyond that, I'm at a loss. Mental should favor experience.
  3. sellingboe

    Age vs Experience

    So, you're saying that it comes down to shot making and CB control, which is all predicated on hand/eye coordination. Furthermore, I think you're implying, or maybe I'm inferring, that the required experience doesn't require decades and thus is not that complicated for a true student of the...
  4. sellingboe

    Age vs Experience

    As I'm watching a 2022 match between Filler and Immonen, with Filler leading by a decent margin late, I started contemplating the age vs experience factor. With athleticism favoring youth and experience favoring age, I still wonder why youth seems to dominate the leader board. Is it as simple as...
  5. sellingboe

    Let’s See Your Brunswick Memorabilia!

    GC1, Centennial light
  6. sellingboe

    Danny DilLiberto

    I've been watching some Derby City matches on Billiard Channel lately and he's a commentator on many of them. Also, I think I see you in the front row on many of them. Am I right?
  7. sellingboe

    Gold Crown Adventure

    I just saw this and did not know fig 8 nut plate indicated an earlier version of the table. Can you give me that time frame and what they changed to afterwards? I gave up trying to figure out my table year awhile ago, but if it's possible I'd like to hone in a little better. Because the feet...
  8. sellingboe

    Garczar's health update...................

    Congrats! Celebrate this win and relish the opportunity to win, or lose, playing the game you love.
  9. sellingboe

    Would love to buy a diamond pool ball cleaner

    Of course you're right, but yours would sure look good with my table...:)
  10. sellingboe

    How to fix pool

    Really? Because I was the one doing the stereotyping to which I responded? I always marvel at the hypocrisy of the ISTS when they are called out for their ISMS.
  11. sellingboe

    How to fix pool

    Any more stereotypes you want to throw in about blacks, hispanics and gay people?
  12. sellingboe

    Could Willie make the team?

    Agreed. (good to see you back Boxcar!)
  13. sellingboe

    How to fix pool

    I'm not sure the analogy is accurate, much as I wish it were. Despite its less-than-savory reputation in some circles, it's historically been considered a gentleman's sport (not sure it's a sport, but that's another discussion). In fact, in college I used to go to a hall named Gentleman Jim's in...
  14. sellingboe

    My Gold Crown Projects

    Boy would I love a polisher like yours. Alas, no economies of scale in any of it. A labor of love for sure. Awesome work Scott!
  15. sellingboe

    Can I see your pool table lights?

    You see my light in my avatar pic. I think it was made for pairing with a Centennial or Anniversary, but looks great over my GC1.
  16. sellingboe

    What is a good way for a low-level player to handle unwanted advice?

    Some of the most brilliant inventions were a result of an accidental or unexpected outcome. One never knows where a golden nugget is going to come from. So diverting from my snarky answer above for a moment, evaluate and either ask for more... or deftly move on (lots of ideas on how above).
  17. sellingboe

    What is a good way for a low-level player to handle unwanted advice?

    You should focus on fundamentals and stay away from side spin........oh, wait....sorry... :)
  18. sellingboe

    Will 4 inches pockets be the future of US pool, bar box and big table?

    IMHO, making pool more interesting to the masses and accommodating the wishes of the hardcore AZB players are mutually exclusive. Precision cuts with deftly applied english are beautiful to watch for the AZB crowd, but to the casually interested viewer, somewhat sterile and clinical. What shot...
  19. sellingboe

    Appleton Suspension?

    That's it, more than anything else.
  20. sellingboe

    Poolplayers and their pets(hopefully a feel good thread)

    The black and white one will often lay down around the pool table when I'm shooting...thinks she needs to be part of the action.