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    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Ronnie gone Never really been a fan of his. His head was always too messed up and I guess leaving the game was for the best for him. A break out of the game is what he needs. I am surprised he lasted as long as he did - always seemed a bit fragile. One of the most gifted players obviously...
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    Ronnie vs Barry - the story continues

    A world champion should act like one.:mad:
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    Things That Make You Go Hmm !

    always going to be a few fiddles in ANY sporting game that you bet on ...boxing snooker tennis whatever. Some get punished more than others - some get caught - some do not. Best to avoid temptation and trust no-one but if they really want to stamp out this in the game then increasing the...
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    Australian Goldfields Open 2012

    Always thought this would be better played somewhere like Perth..or Melbourne etc., Is snooker bigger in Bendingo?:)
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    Neil Robertson to win the World?

    Ok so I got the year wrong. But just thought I would finish off this little story by telling you the end of the tale. I stuck my money on Neil a few times and he has won me a ton of money. I bought my husband a new cue or three I got a new bag and we watched him win the world Championship...
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    calling out fatboy

    My M5 would beat the lot of you with me behind the wheel but that is because you men are all talk and skid marks. What happened to that lovely Ferrari you had Mr Hann? SUV now is it old timer. Do you want me to ring and order your bus pass or can you manage:smile:
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    Have you ever watched pro level snooker in person?

    Yes i used to watch Q Hann, Williams, Paul Hunter Jimmy White etc., during the period when snooker was at its peak in terms of quality. The standard has dropped off a bit for me and the events, with the exception of the WC are a bit dull now. My favorite venue was the old B & H Masters in...
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    Neil Robertson to win the World?

    oh well there is always next year:(
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    Gambling allegations.

    Hann is quite a good boxer. Did not go to his first fight against Mark King but I heard he was up and down like a bride's nighty but we did watch him fight an Irish bloke called Johnny Magee, who tried everything he could to win. He was really dirty, tough but not as skilled as Quinten who...
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    a dream come true

    If you getting a match cut Riley Aristocrat, tell them you want steel blocks on the table cushions. They are nice tables, although the match cut is very tight. Getting a century on one of them is very hard you could get the pockets opened up a bit to give you more confidence and make it a...
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    Gambling allegations.

    I think fatboy is totally correct. Has no one ever watched the colour of money before? It may be part of the game at the lower level more because they fight over less prize money and my husband also informs me it is a buzz. It helps and is easier to do the less well known you are with a cue...
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    Neil Robertson to win the World?

    Robertson can win the world championship, he is one of the best long ball potters ever and on his day can blow away anyone. I think he is the second best Australian player ever. ;) Check out this for cue power
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