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    Exotic Cue Wraps

    so are the elephants.
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    Things For Sale

    is it 30 for all 3 drive pins? if so, ill take a set
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    Gluing new leather to old

    i have the luxury of having a cue lathe so im constantly changing tips. i put either a fiber pad or acrylic pad on all my shafts as a sacrificial layer so i dont eat into my ferrule. you can also put a kamui clear and just keep the clear pad on when changing to a new tip. ive done this many...
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    ELITE Cue Tips New & Now Available Sale Price Here

    whens the next big sale? i need some tips soon.
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    brand new mcworter cue (butt only) price lowered.

    butt only. 3/8 10 modified pin. brand new, never even been screwed onto a shaft. pm me if you want more pics or info. located in atlanta ga. asking $3,300 but feel free to make offers. no trades please. this cue is absolutely beautiful!
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    Extending wrap

    extend the wrap groove, re-wrap the cue, bobs your uncle...
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    porper model b lathe

    i have a cabinet set up for sale in atlanta ga.
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    Removing Power Wraps

    what are you gonna replace it with?
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    Unique Leather Jig, New Old Stock $325 Shipped

    j have a lathe. i was interested in the leather wrap jig. thanks tho.
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    Unique Leather Jig, New Old Stock $325 Shipped

    let me know if the others fall through. i may be interested and im local.
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    Sorry, the sale is over

    bought more tips. thanks for the sale.
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    Coker Custom 6-Pointer

    flame points look sooooo sweet.
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    Violin style case

    nice... /agree with the motorcycle post. keep up the good work.
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    WTB: Talisman 2x4 or 3x5 Tribal Case ...

    talisman case i have one of the first ones but not for sale. it was a gift. be careful because mine started falling apart after about 2 months of use. bunch of the rivets and screws started to come out. kinda on the heavy side too. just thought i would chime in.