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  1. cizco

    Sold Cheap Jim Baxter Burl for sale

    just trying to sell this cue at an appropriate price. funny comments and people jumping on me. don't want to start a fight, but hey, i didn't mention any details of the transaction, I wonder how they know"I waited months". looks like I might need to start a main forum thread to set things...
  2. cizco

    Sold Cheap Jim Baxter Burl for sale

  3. cizco

    Sold Richard Harris (Bluegrass) - Birdseye Merry Widow

    great man to deal with, would have jumped on it if it's a wrapless😬
  4. cizco

    Wrapless Eddie Cohen cue. $1,500

    definitely something special, what's the joint pin used and the joint diameter? thanks
  5. cizco

    8 Point Walnut Burl SugarTree

    beautiful cue! what's the wood used on the handle? thanks
  6. cizco

    12 Points Zen Custom

    yes Sir, still for sale @ 3k shipped by fedex worldwide
  7. cizco

    southwest wanted

    dear all, wish to buy a wrapless southwest new or near new, everything original under 20oz anything except maple forearm. shipped to Australia
  8. cizco

    Sold 2018 Zen not so Plain Jane

    thank you! added the tips info.
  9. cizco

    Sold 2018 Zen not so Plain Jane

    This is a Zen made in 2018, test hit only. Puchased from Paul of P&C cues、Zeus, my photo taking skills is as lousy as my pool play, so i borrowed the photos from the orginal dealer. Kingwood is nicely patterned, has over 100 pieces of silver inlays. origan protector for Butt only, shaft...
  10. cizco

    12 Points Zen Custom

    price reduced
  11. cizco

    The Time Keeper North Demon Cue

    fabulous,love the clockwork inlays!
  12. cizco

    12 Points Zen Custom

    This is a custom order made in 2018 but never used. brand new straight apart and together. Ordered through Paul of P&C cues. Curly maple with 6 ebony points and 6 Cocobolo recuts. segmented handle wrapped in brown EE. Silver and MOP inlays. fancy rings at the handle. Zen makes cues with 2...
  13. cizco

    Tonkin ebony 4 pointer with ringtail wrap

    beautiful cue! a little light for me, otherwise would have pulled the trigger
  14. cizco

    <<//bestest cue of all time\\>>

    :grin: nice offering mate. some members here are way too serious to appreciate a little joke. last time i posted something similar, received a feedback straight away saying ' who the f*** do you think you are' and my rep went into the red:eek:
  15. cizco

    New Tascarella x 2 for sale or trade

    bumper for more trade offers. thanks
  16. cizco

    New Tascarella x 2 for sale or trade

    Tulip is sold to my friend Dennis. Ebony still available, more open to trades now. all offers welcome cash or trade, thanks
  17. cizco

    New Tascarella x 2 for sale or trade

    2 brand new tascarella cue, solid cue built to perfection, unfortunately i just couldn't get used to a stainless steel joint. tulip has been test hit tulip with barbell inlays - 19.4oz 3 x 13mm shafts Melamine ferrules - SOLD ebony with diamond inlays - 19.5oz 2 x 13mm shafts Melamine ferrules-...
  18. cizco

    Joseys for Sale

  19. cizco

    Joseys for Sale

    cue#1 is sold, #2 still available, offers welcome
  20. cizco

    wanted: inexpensive Radial Butt or cue

    looking for an inexpensive radial butt to fit a few break shaft, plain janes preferred. please include photo and a PRICE shipping to Australia thanks Albert