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    How much does your playing cue weigh?

    18.3 Josie for me. Mark Shuman
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    Does a good cue make the player or does a good player make the cue?

    Lock I will repectfully disagree. The arrow is very important. I will admit to only being a fair shooter. On a good table with good balls though I can be very effective. I have a bunch of cues. From a 63$ Players SP to my Josie SP. I play much better with the Josie and Timeless Timber...
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    My New Wrapless Player

    Push, I'm glad you finally seed da light! I've been wrapless for 2 years. Wonderful looking cue BTW. Kevin does good work. He made me a super shaft for an old Heubler. Mark Shuman
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    Weight of your break cue

    I use a 19 1/2 Gulyassy Sledgehammer with a hard waterbuffalo tip on it. My player is 18.3. I have exceptionly strong wrists and hands (mechanics mitts). I have tried a 23 and a 27 as well as a 17. The 17 is too light and no control. I can use the 23, it works ok. The 27 is like trying to...
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    Predator p2 or a custom downey

    No brainer here, Downey by far. Great cues made by a hell of a nice guy. Mark Shuman
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    Help finding a handle or crank for a cross-slide assembly, small jewlers style???

    Try Grainger and Grizzley as well. Never know what you can find. I'll also second the McMaster -Carr idea. Mark Shuman
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    A differant greatest thread

    I have a few to put forward: George S Patton- The man invented and defined today's military stratagies. Niccola Tessla- Without him we would not be on the 'Net and would still be in the dark. Franklin Delano Rosavelt- Brought this country from the jaws of disparity. (Could argue Washington...
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    Allen Hopkins Charity Pool Event - Sept 17

    Not sure if I can make it. Too far in advance for me. My life has been week to week lately. Is there going to be any oppertunitys for a low level player to play some? I'd probably head down if I could get a few matches in. Play some people that I have never met. Might be a good thing then...
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    Shy but wants to play

    Belated good luck. They only had 2 shooters, so our match tonight was postponed. Good thing too, I've got a raging sinus infection. Went to the Doc's, I got meds, I'll be fine in a day or so. Mark Shuman
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    What's the best cue you've ever shot with?

    I shot a few with a nice old Scruggs with a stack leather wrap. It was stone sweet. That and yes, you guessed it,, My Josie. Mark Shuman
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    What's the weakest part of your game

    My safety play is poor. I don't do well jacked shooting over a ball or coming off the rail. But my number 1 weakness is cutting. I can't make a long steep angle cut shot to save my life. Even short steep, thin hits are a difficult for me. I'm better on a 9' table. On a bar box, cutting...
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    is it really the indian and not the arrow?

    I am not a very good player. I shoot with an 800$ custom. I've been playing about 1 1/2 years. The arrow will not make the Indian. But it sure will help. For a new shooter I agree with many of the above posters. Pick a decent production cue for less than 200$. Get a case and the...
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    Are Custom Cues a waste of money?

    I shoot with a custom cue. I suck, plain and simple. I shoot as an APA 3 in 9 ball and 8 ball. Did the new cue step me up a skill level or 2, No. But it gave me confidence I've never had before. It also works on fast and slow tables due to 2 shafts made for the table conditions. I don't...
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    Looking for one pocket games in central Pa.

    Jody, a location is a must. Then we might be able to steer you to some local one hole. I see some up at Monoskie's in Montoursville during the weekend. Mark Shuman
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    Is Viking back?

    Yea I always wanted a Viking. But the wrapless stuff they did was just too expensive. I'd like to see some lower end wrapless stuff. Mark Shuman
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    Shy but wants to play

    Yea I agree. If the rules state, "Start at X:XX O'clock" and their player is not there then they forfit. Simple as that. I make it there on time. If not I call ahead. It's only common curtisy. Mark Shuman
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    Pocketpoint & Curly Howard

    Maniac I'm 110% with ya on dis one. Slandering such a treasured name from my childhood (I mean adulthood). Look at the grouse, look at the grouse, Naaahhaahhhahhhh (insert sound of Moe slapping Curly on da baca da heyad). Mark Shuman
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    Pool hall tunes

    Well Master Cue I don't care for Warewolves of London. Too overplayed. Mick Fleetwood did a damn good drum track for it. But after the gazillionth time I heard it it gets old. Besides Exitable boy has Linda Rondstat and Bonnie Raitt in the background. Excitable boy is also more up tempo...
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    Prime tips with CA

    OneIron, that is a good idea. The thin will wick deeper into the leather of the tip than gel will. And CA is a curious substance. It is a solvent for itself. So the gel will actually dissolve some of the thin and make a good chemical bond with it. That's why it works so well. The thin gets...
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    He's back

    RDeca you are so very, very, very wrong. As some of the people here know. I shoot International smallbore and air rifle competitivly. I know a number of coaches and instructors who are not any kind of a master class shooter. I know of 1 who doesn't even shoot himself. However these coaches...