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  1. briankenobi

    I need a Name for this conditon

    Chronic Scalperatosis Continuous or CSC.
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    Sponsors is the key! (Michigan open)

    This is the second time I have seen a Predator event with outside pool money. I believe some earlier events were sponsored by wine/beer company from the Puerto Rico area.
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    Should you practice artistic billiards?

    Nice video. Variations of the last 2 shots are in our Artistic Pool Program today.
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    Should you practice artistic billiards?

    For the sake of this topic, I am going to lump artistic pool into this as well as artistic billiards. Why practice it? Maybe because you like it? There is more to Artistic Pool then just set up shots. There are very intricate stroke shots that require a lot of skill to do. I have been doing...
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    Updated Shaft Comparison - Carbon Fiber

    This has been addressed on the new shafts. Everyone who tried the new ones that were available for demo at APA Worlds loved them.
  6. briankenobi

    Updated Shaft Comparison - Carbon Fiber

    When I demo deflection in the McDermott booth and use the Defy Carbon Shaft, I put the cue ball on the long center line, hit with 2 tips of right and the cue ball still goes over the spot. Might want to check that out if you haven't before.
  7. briankenobi

    Savannah Easton

    Commercial stuff as in ways to promote her and sponsors and such right? When I mean push her, meaning pushing her to do just pool and spend every waking moment at the table like those other sports parents we all know of. I didn't get that while talking with her.
  8. briankenobi

    Savannah Easton

    I can attest to this. I did an interview with Savanah and her mom a while ago and met back up with them in Vegas this year. Great family. They don't push her like other sports parents do. She just loves to play and wants to be the best.
  9. briankenobi

    The best video of a Carbon Fiber shafts deflection testing with a robot arm

    The GCore shaft more of a medium deflection shaft. But like you said, as long as it works for you, who cares. I had Rodney Morris come to my pool room one night. He forgot his cues. He asked me for a cue, but not low deflection. I gave him a cue with a GCore on it and he beat everyone in...
  10. briankenobi

    The best video of a Carbon Fiber shafts deflection testing with a robot arm

    Exactly. Need data at normal operating conditions. When I do demos to show people what deflection is, it is a "normal" stroke speed. Its like in real science. You can only state what your findings are at the conditions you test. If you state "fill in the blank happens with such and such...
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    Savannah Easton

    I think we all can agree that the future of pool looks pretty good.
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    SVB featured on 60 min (dropped 10 hrs ago)

    With regards to poker, I think poker blew up because a "non pro" won the WSOP main event. Anyone can learn the game in about an hour and then start playing. Not that way with pool. You can't pick it up as fast and then play with the games best. Poker grew like crazy because anyone can play it.
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    SVB featured on 60 min (dropped 10 hrs ago)

    The poker you see on TV is a tournament setting. Yes they are playing a gambling game, but its not the same as your backroom game somewhere. Here is my take on what Shane said about the gambling. To me, having two big name pro players promoted to play a long race over a set amount of days for...
  14. briankenobi

    Considering a carbon fiber shaft for my Adam cue. Brands to look at??

    As has been stated before, the best thing to do is try all the shafts out if you can. It also depends on what type of hit you are looking for. If you are looking for a soft/quiet hit, then the Defy shaft is something to look at.
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    Charlie is still in Texas and I saw him in Vegas for the APA Nationals. He was getting his name out there again and promoting his classes. He also did a few action matches as well. I have known Hillbilly for a while now. Nice guy. But yes, he is still around and doing his thing.
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    Hill-hill matches with the pros should have

    That's why you don't flip. I always lag. There is actually skill in that. If you loose the lag and your situation happens, hey, you lost the lag instead of you got unlucky.
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    An artistic billiards competition

    Artistic Billiards is fun to watch. Some of our shots are derived from this. I believe there are times where silicone is applied to the cue ball but I don't have the program to see. I saw an artistic billiards demo at the SBE years back and the first thing the guy did was spray silicone on a...
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    Just got home from Vegas APA

    I know some of the diamond guys and if I remember what I was told, the corner pockets measured at 4.75 inches and the sides measured 5.25 inches.
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    Matchroom Board changes

    If pool has any chance of getting in the Olympics, it would be through the WPA since the WPA is associated with the IOC.
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    True or False

    I had the honor of joining Stu for the Derby City Banks Ring game. It was great to share that with you and enjoy your company.